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2024 Elections: NPP Germany Descends On John Mahama, NDC Over Rampant Propaganda




Ahead Of 2024 Elections: John Mahama Still Trading Lies, Deceit, Incomprehensible Propaganda

In the turbulent landscape of modern politics, a pervasive sense of desperation has taken root, shaping the rhetoric and actions of political players.

Whether it’s the scramble for power in democracies or the consolidation of authority in autocratic regimes, a common thread emerges – the lengths to which politicians are willing to go when confronted with political fragility.

Moreover, the impact of this desperation on the public psyche cannot be overstated.

As citizens witness the erosion of political norms, trust in institutions wanes, creating a cycle of disillusionment.

NPP Germany is the least baffled when it comes to the in-swinging and reckless politics of lies and deceit by Former President John Mahama.

It is sad that the NDC allies and John Mahama have become comic relief to Ghanaians since they keep making huge public mockery of themselves.

Joy News Fact Checks have exposed John Mahama and the NDC over claims they emphatically made that Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited (BOST) was working and making profits during their time.

See the referenced news article here:

Joy News Fact Checks proved otherwise contrary to the lies and deceit activated in full swing by John Mahama.


It has been affirmed from recent twists of events that John Mahama is struggling with his already stained, irreparable credibility crisis.

John Mahama has refused to accept that his unprecedented waning credibility each and every day, has hindered his electoral fortunes in the long-term and same story awaits us in the 2024 General Elections where the NDC will see defeat again with Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia comfortably leading the NPP as the leader and Flagbearer.


John Mahama has refused to focus on a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with his values and resonates with voters.

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Political desperation can arise when politicians feel a strong need to win or maintain power, often leading them to engage in unethical or desperate tactics, so we understand John Mahama and where the NDC is coming from.


It can manifest in various ways, such as spreading false information, engaging in smear campaigns, or resorting to vile propaganda.


Political desperation can be driven by factors such as intense competition, fear of losing influence or control, or a desire to fulfill personal or party agendas which John Mahama is truly guilty of such tactics, stock and trade.


In elections, propaganda temptations can arise as political actors may be tempted to manipulate information to influence public opinion.


This is exactly what John Mahama and the NDC are up to.


John Mahama has been involved in exaggeration, misinformation, or framing issues in a way that negatively benefits his party NDC.


In the wake of all these, NPP Germany would like to assure John Mahama and the NDC that the blind days of political games are over.


This is because Ghanaian voters these days critically evaluate information and seek diverse sources to make informed decisions in electioneering seasons.

We will continue to urge the good people of Ghana to vote for Dr. Bawumia and the NPP to break the 8 to retain the NPP so that the next NPP administration at the helm of governance will continue to give its best.

We Say KUDOS to Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government!!!

Let The Truth Confound The Wise……

Long Live Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo!!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!!!

Long Live the Elephant Party!!!!

Kukruduuuu Eeeessshiii!!!!


Nana Osei Boateng

NPP Germany Branch

Communications Director



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