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A Call To Ban Kneeling Celebrations In Football Due To Injury Risks


Emmanuel Jaidyn Duah-Kuffour, a popular Ghanaian physiotherapist has urged FIFA and football authorities to prohibit the practice of footballers celebrating by kneel sliding.

Emmanuel Jaidyn, who previously served as the physiotherapist for Kumasi Asante Kotoko, warns footballers to desist from such celebrations as it could lead to serious injuries, specifically mentioning the risk of ACL tears accompanied by meniscus damage.

Expressing his concerns, he states, “Knee slides must be banned in football, as it poses a significant risk which goes beyond the act as just a celebration.”

In his professional opinion, Kwaku Duah-Kuffour emphasizes the intricate structure of the knee joint and how the impact of kneeling celebrations can expose players to unnecessary injuries.

He advocates for a thorough review of celebratory practices to safeguard the well-being of athletes and prevent avoidable injuries that may impact their performance and careers.

Furthermore, he calls for collaborative efforts between medical professionals, football governing bodies, and players to develop safer alternatives for goal celebrations.

As the world of football evolves, prioritizing the health and longevity of players becomes paramount, and reevaluating celebratory traditions is a crucial step in achieving this goal.





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