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ABANTU Calls for Passage of Affirmative Action Bill to Boost Women’s Political Participation

ABANTU For Development, a leading women’s advocacy group, is pressing for decisive action to enhance women’s participation and representation in Ghana’s political landscape.

Highlighting their concerns at a recent media event in Accra, ABANTU emphasized the critical need for political commitment to address the declining trends seen in women’s involvement, particularly in the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Mrs. Hamida Harrison, ABANTU’s Resource Sustainability Manager, voiced deep concern over the persistent inequalities and discrimination faced by women in political spheres compared to their male counterparts. She attributed this disparity to parliament’s failure to pass the long-overdue Affirmative Action Bill (AAB), which she believes is crucial in eliminating gender discrimination in politics.

Reflecting on the setbacks observed since Ghana’s transition to democracy, Mrs. Harrison expressed heightened apprehension about the anticipated further decline in women’s representation in the forthcoming 9th parliament post-2024 elections.

She criticized the leadership of both the ruling NPP and opposition NDC for their failure to secure existing seats held by women during the 2024 Parliamentary Primaries.

Mrs. Harrison stressed the urgency of aligning national legislative efforts with international commitments, such as those outlined in the Beijing Declaration, to eradicate systemic gender biases. She urged women across Ghana to step forward boldly into political and social leadership roles, emphasizing the importance of their active participation in shaping the country’s future.

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In a direct appeal to government officials, political party leaders, the media, and the public, Mrs. Harrison called for concerted efforts to prioritize and promote women’s full inclusiveness in Ghana’s political sphere.

She underscored that advancing women’s participation is not only a matter of equity but also crucial for achieving comprehensive national development goals.



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