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Ablampa Family Of Ningo Petition Police To Clamp Down On Landguard Activities

The Ablampa family, of Ningo, which owns several acres of farmlands in Odumse, a community within the Shai Osu Doku District of the Greater Accra region, has petitioned the regional security council to deal ruthlessly with landguard activities that have sprung up in the Odumse Community in recent times.

According to the petition signed by the lawful attorney of the Ablampa Family of Ningo Mr Benjamin Ashiatey, the activities of these landguards being spearheaded by one Abusuapanyin Samuel Kwame Tetteh, has not only brought fear and panic amongst indigenes in and around Odumse, but as well affected the livelihood and businesses of persons living there.

The Ablampa Family in Odumse which traces its roots to Ningo are legitimate owners of about 636 acres of land at Odumse, a community within Dodowa which also forms part of the Northern Ningo Alliance.

However, on the 9th of February 2024, a group of landguards and some young men from the Wedokum families led by the said Abusuapanyin Samuel Kwame Tetteh attacked laborers working on some lands belonging to the Ablampa family.
According to police reports, the Wedokum family’s argument for attacking the laborers was based on the fact that the disputed lands which have been legally sold to Data Bank and Africa Support Network (ASN) by the Ablampa family belong to them, and that they went on the land to protect their inheritance, a claim the police found misleading.
Checks indicate that’s the Lands in contention which are duly registered in the Ablampa family name, have since been sold to Data Bank, Christian High International School and African support Network by the Ablampa Family. And so the police finds it alarming to the claims being made by the Wedokum Families on the lands.

Mr Benjamin Ashiatey in the petition also could not understand why the Wedokum families were using brute force to claim lands that had been duly registered in the Ablampa family name by the then family head namely Ebenezer Teye Ablampa as far back as 1979 which are backed by gazette land title certificates.

He further revealed that an attempt by the Shias (Wedokum families) to even register the Ablampa family lands backfired lst year.

He called on the regional security council to as a matter of urgency clamp down on the said Abusuapanyin Samuel Kwame Tetteh and his henchmen who have made the Odumse community a terror town to live in.



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