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Abola Chiefs and Queen Mothers descends heavily on KOANS ESTATES over Land Encroachment

The Chief of Abola and Queen Mothers has expressed displeasure over how Mr Kofi Anokye, a real estate developer is unlawfully encroaching on ancestral lands at Kuntuse in the Greater Accra Region.

The family alleges that Mr. Kofi Anokye of KOANS ESTATES has been covertly acquiring and selling parcels of land that belong to the Abola Apiam family without their knowledge or consent.

Eric Bedford Neequeye Nii Kla, speaking on behalf of Nii Kofi Tuadan III, Abola Mantse Advisor/Secretary to Ga Mantse, disclosed that the land was compulsorily acquired by the government in 1979 for the establishment of a Satellite Communication.

Following their initial protest, further investigation revealed that the developer had been actively operating on the disputed land, asserting legal ownership rights.

The community leaders expressed dismay and frustration upon discovering the developer’s claims of legal acquisition. They reiterated their stance that the land rightfully belongs to the Abola Apiam family and denounced any purported legality asserted by the developer.

In light of the ongoing dispute, the Abola Chiefs and Queen Mothers are urgently calling upon the government to intervene and provide clarity regarding the purported sale of the land to Mr. Kofi Anokye of KOANS ESTATES. Their request stems from the need to ascertain the validity of the developer’s claim to operational rights on the contested land.

Amidst conflicting assertions from both parties involved, the community leaders emphasize the importance of governmental intervention to verify the legality of the land transaction. They stress the significance of upholding transparency and adherence to due process in resolving the dispute.


The Abola community seeks assurance from the government that their ancestral lands are protected and that any decisions regarding land ownership are made in accordance with legal frameworks and respect for Indigenous rights. Their appeal for government intervention underscores the critical role of authorities in ensuring equitable resolution and upholding justice in land disputes.

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The family also has put forth several demands, including an immediate halt to all land sales and development operations, the restitution of all unlawfully acquired lands, compensation for any damages and losses suffered, and adherence to Ga customary laws and traditions in all future land transactions.

The Chiefs and Queen mothers therefore issued a stern warning, cautioning of severe repercussions should their demands remain unmet.

Their warning extends to the possibility of mass protests and legal recourse should their grievances continue unaddressed.

In a call for intervention, they urge the government and relevant authorities to step in and safeguard their rights against encroachment and exploitation.



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