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Actress Mary Awuni preaches to fans on ‘Patience’

Mary Awuni popularly called Lady 1 in the showbiz industry has given her fans some advice on how to be patient, focus and work hard, because that had worked for her.

The finest actress took to her Social Media page to write; Whenever you have tough time in life, have patience and work hard. Once overcome the obstacles, look back and always have last winning smile.”

Meanwhile, in an interview she indicated that there are several benefits of being patient; which she noted, can help one achieve goals, help learn valuable skills and lessons, gives endurance that is necessary to learn difficult skills and helps in helping others reach their goals.

She said, one of the most important benefits of patience in your career is that it allows you to achieve your goals and that facing and overcoming obstacles builds endurance and confidence, and the satisfaction you receive from achieving each milestone of your goals can help you to stay motivated in your career.

“When you are patient with other people, you allow them room to learn and grow, which can result in students, employees and coworkers that learn faster and gain confidence,” she said.




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