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African Goju Grandmaster warns martial artists against attacking security personnel

Martial arts practitioners have been warned against using their skills to attack security personnel by Donald Gwira, a Grandmaster of African Goju.

Even if they are attacked by uniformed personnel, Gwira advises martial artists to take the details of the security officer and file an official complaint instead of retaliating.

According to Gwira – the Chief Instructor of African Goju Ghana and a seventh-degree black belt holder, any attack on a uniformed officer is seen as an attack on the entire institution and comes with unwanted consequences.

However, he stressed that if one’s life was under threat, then it would be a different matter.
“Practitioners of African Goju are not to attack anyone in uniform, If anyone in uniform attacks you, you take their name and number and report them,” he said.

“The problem is that if you attack them, you are fighting the institution not the person and the whole institution would come after you and nothing is going to save you in that regard”.

Gwira made these comments during a one-day martial arts seminar on African Goju in Accra, organized by Professor Danny Gwira, Founder of African Goju and the Martial Arts Institute.

The seminar featured presentations on the basics and fundamentals of African Goju, as well as demonstrations and exhibitions of martial arts.

In attendance were members of the African Goju Hall of Fame and scores of young children from the African Goju club at Ashongman.

The aim of the seminar was to educate people about the existence of African Goju as an African self-defence form.

Professor Gwira also urged parents to enrol their children in African Goju and other martial arts because of the discipline and mental toughness that they teach.

Source: Graphiconline



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