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Afrikicks & Winnergy LLC Impact Nima Through Football and Giving Back

Afrikicks Foundation and Winnergy LLC organized a u-20 football tournament at the Afro-Arab Arena in Nima. The event went beyond sports, distributing sneakers, socks, and essentials to young players, aiming to nurture talent for a broader impact.
Hosted by the West African Ambassador for Afrikicks, Ambassador Alhaji Salamu Amadu, the event gained additional significance. Corey Jacobs, Founder of Winnergy LLC, emphasized their commitment to supporting African youth, recognizing the continent’s abundant talent.
Jacobs, reflecting on his humble beginnings, expressed gratitude for the chance to make a positive impact on these youngsters’ lives.
Oumarou Idrissa, Founder & CEO of Afrikicks, outlined their mission to provide swift and sustainable support, sharing that over 235,000 pairs of sneakers have reached children in nine African countries.
This year, a 40-feet container full of sneakers will be distributed in Ghana.
Idrissa, having grown up without sneakers until 17, emphasized giving back. His journey, working with celebrities, fueled his joy in collecting shoes for African children. He encouraged the youth not to give up and pledged ongoing support for Ghana.
This collaboration between Afrikicks and Winnergy LLC, hosted by Alhaji Salamu Amadu, showcased the transformative power of sports and community support, shaping the future of young talents in Nima.



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