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Agape Pentecost Electoral Area Deserves Better – Irene Pokua Boadi

By Prosper Agbenyega

An Aspiring Assembly member for Agape Pentecost Electoral Area in the Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency, Irene Pokua Boadi has urged residents in the areas to vote for change; a change that will bring total development to the electoral area.

According to her, over the years, people who were voted to serve as Assembly members have done a great disservice to the people, by neglecting the very problems the areas was facing. This neglect she indicated, has resulted in the continuous developmental deficit in the area.

Speaking in an interview during a health walk she organized for the people of the area, Irene Pokua Boadi

Averred that Agape Pentecost Electoral Area this time, needs a leader who will bring development to the area.

She mentioned that since 2004 when the Anyaa Sowutuom Constituency was curved out from Weija Constituency, Agape roads have not seen any facelift.

“All the Assembly members we voted for seemed to have deceived us because they were brought in by political parties to serve their own interests and not the interest of the people. This has been our problem,” she said.

Irene Pokua Boadi also pointed out that the 1992 Constitution makes it clear that Assembly elections must be non-partisan and anybody who would contest on party lines is already guilty; saying that that situation of people hiding under political parties to contest Assembly elections is happening and until Agape Pentecost Electoral Area wean itself from this political dominance, their development would continue to be a mirage.

“I am standing as an Independent Candidate because where Agape Pentecost has reached, if we don’t stop the partisan politics and focus on our development, focus on our roads, focus on portable drinking water, if we don’t unite and fight for development, we will continue to be in this situation,” she said.

She said the era of people throwing dust into the eyes of the people are over, and that this is the time for the people to come together to fight for a common course which at the end would benefit the whole community.

She averred that Agape electoral area is an older electoral area compared to Nsarkina, Oduma and Mranhyiah, but Nasrkina and Mranhyiah roads have been constructed because the people have decided to do away with party politics and stood up for development.

This spirit she said, the people of Agape must embrace this time so as to ensure that there is total development in the area.

“A time has come for Agape Pentecost Electoral Area to elect a leader who will lead with all the courage, with the passion for her people and that leader is Irene Pokua Boadi. We must all fight and bring change to our community,”

She said: “The change we need is here, a change leader who will lead the people to bring development in our community. We need better roads, access to portable water. We are lagging behind when it comes to all these things.

Residents of the community who spoke to this paper expressed great confidence in Irene Pokua Boadi’s ability to save the Agape Pentecost Electoral Area from the developmental poverty and bring it into the desired state where residents are comfortable.

Michael Kweku Ofori, a member of the Electoral Area said, Irene Pokua Boadi is a true daughter of the soil and the only person the people know can bring change.

According to him, she has done so much for her people even when she was a national service personnel, by supporting orphans and persons with disabilities, building the capacities of women.

He also pointed out that, the community including the youth, graduates, and the aged are all solidly behind Irene Pokua Boadi and “I can confidently say that come December 19, we are all going out there to vote for change; to vote for Irene Pokua Boadi who we call ‘Our Own’ to lead us and drive the change we all wanted.



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