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Banka Family Wages War Against Alleged Bisexual Marriage

The Banka family based at Mamobi, a suburb of Accra has angrily descended on one alleged bisexual called Ibrahim Mumuni, Alias Lukaku who is scheming to marry their daughter Calimatu Aliu Banka.

The Banka family firmly holds the belief that Ibrahim Mumuni is an unsuitable match for their daughter, Calimatu Aliu Banka, due to his sexual orientation which the Muslim-dominated community and that Islam, too frowns against.

“We can’t allow such barbaric marriage in our family. Furthermore, our culture frowns on this immoral act. More so, the Islamic teaching is against such marriage,” they fumed.

According to this Reporter’s investigation, the Banka family has secretly arranged a date to circumcise Calimatu Aliu Banka since the lovebirds decided not to adhere to advice by calling off the marriage.

They strongly believed that cutting the genitals of their daughter was the only way to take Ibrahim Mumuni out of her mind.

It’s the family’s intention to have this barbaric act done in public to serve as a deterrent to other females in the family.

Our Investigation further reveals that after Calimatu Aliu Banka’s best friend and close confidant who secretly divulged the barbaric act the family is diabolically planning against her, flew away to a neighbouring country with her husband-to-be.

In an interview with a family member in the person of Zakari Mumuni, disclosed that the current whereabouts of Calimatu and Ibrahim are yet unknown.

In Ghana   Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a cultural practice that violates the rights of women and girls and promotes discrimination.

This cultural practice is a canker and must be stopped since it has a lot of bad implications for women and girls, which goes a long way to affect the development of our nation. FGM exposes women to health hazards and psychological trauma.

Likewise, homosexuality has, since the enactment of the Criminal Offences Act (Act 29) in 1960, been a crime in Ghana. As a result, it is frowned upon by all communities.

In Zongo Communities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQs) have been openly subjected to mob action and in some instances, lynching.



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