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Bawumia Storms Ken’s House

In a calculated political move, the Vice President and newly elected flagbearer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia paid a surprise visit to Kennedy Agyapong, the prominent politician who emerged as the runner-up in the party’s presidential election held last Saturday.

The meeting, held on Wednesday evening over dinner, was aimed at renewing the bonds of friendship between the two influential figures as well as fostering collaboration for the betterment of the nation as next year’s election beckons.

The two politicians had previously enjoyed a good relationship until they pitch camp against each other.

Dr. Bawumia is expected to visit other aspirants and opinion leaders in the NPP as he tries to mend fences and build bridges ahead of the 2024 elections.

The unexpected visit by Dr. Bawumia to his closest rival in the NPP presidential race demonstrated a strong commitment to unity within the NPP and the broader political landscape.

Both politicians, despite their differing roles, took the opportunity to engage in a cordial discussion, emphasising their shared goals and commitment to working together for the national interest and for the NPP to retain power by ‘breaking the 8’.

During the informal meeting, Vice President Dr. Bawumia and Ken Agyapong, Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, expressed their mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s contributions to the party and the country. They acknowledged the importance of maintaining a strong alliance within the NPP, particularly in light of the upcoming elections and the need for a united front.

The discussions between the two politicians centered around strategies to promote unity within the party, strengthen grassroots support, and address key challenges facing the nation.

They pledged to collaborate closely on various initiatives aimed at driving economic growth, providing social welfare, and advancing good governance.

Both Vice President Dr. Bawumia and Kennedy Agyapong emphasised the significance of putting national interests above personal ambitions and partisan politics. They agreed to set aside any differences and work hand in hand to ensure the prosperity and development of Ghana.

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As news of the surprise meeting spread, it garnered attention from party members, political analysts, and the general public. Many hailed the visit as a positive step towards consolidating the NPP’s position and fostering unity within the party.

Observers also noted the potential of the renewed bonds between Vice President Dr. Bawumia and Kennedy Agyapong to strengthen the NPP’s appeal to voters and enhance its chances in future elections.

The surprise visit by the Vice President to Ken Agyapong serves as a testament to the importance of building strong alliances and working collaboratively for the greater good.

As the NPP prepares for the challenges ahead, the unity and cooperation displayed during this meeting are likely to resonate positively among party members and supporters, ultimately contributing to the advancement of Ghana’s democratic credentials.




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