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Behind the Scene Struggles Of Leaders: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes

A leader becomes too vulnerable and sometimes commit “silly” avoidable mistakes when he/she has too much trust in the opinions & judgments of Close Confidants.

1. Some confidants out of selfish interests may mislead the Leader to act wrongly.

2. Some confidants will always use the influence on the Leader to settle scores with people who they see as threat.

3. Some Confidants “foolishly” arrogate more power to themselves and act as if they are more powerful than the leader they are serving.

4. A leader becomes too weak and powerless to act swiftly when the people who helped him or her to get to the top selfishly decides to
(a). have spiritual dominion over leadership.

(b). enslave and blackmail leadership.

Leaders are fighting so many known & unknown battles including spiritual and physical manipulations by greedy and selfish people within and without.

Let’s pray for leaders to act rightly and at the same time be bold to offer constructive criticism to shape leadership.

Leadership too should be ready and willing to accept alternative wise counsel from other knowledgeable people beyond close confidants.



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