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CSNF Educates Over 1,500 Students on Cancer Awareness and Screening

The Cancer Support Network Foundation (CSNF) held a cancer awareness and screening program at Odupong Senior High School in the Central Region last Friday.

Over 1,500 students were educated on different types of cancers, ways to reduce risks, and the importance of seeking professional care for better survival rates.

CSNF Secretary Blaise Ackom addressed female students, advising them to avoid sexual immorality to lower their risk of cervical cancer.

He also stressed the need for proper hygiene to prevent infections that could lead to diseases.

Ackom highlighted symptoms of cervical cancer, including abnormal vaginal discharge, irregular menstruation, unexplained weight loss, and pain during sexual intercourse.

He emphasised the importance of regular screenings for early detection and effective treatment, urging students to spread this knowledge in their communities.

Dr. Albert Gyato, a medical professional, spoke about the importance of breast cancer awareness and encouraged women to take breast screenings seriously, regardless of age.

He identified symptoms such as nipple dimpling, breast lumps, abnormal discharge, and redness around the breast, advising that these signs should not be ignored.

Dr. Gyato praised CSNF for their efforts in raising cancer awareness and providing financial support to cancer patients in Ghana.

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Mrs. Ramatu Sumani, the organizer of CSNF and a breast cancer survivor, shared her personal experience to emphasize that survival is possible with early detection. She urged all Ghanaians to prioritize breast screenings.

In her remarks Ms Raissa Sambou, another executive member and breast cancer survivor, encouraged students to educate their mothers with the knowledge gained from the forum.

She highlighted CSNF’s mission to promote cancer awareness and support in Ghana, stressing the need for early detection and proactive health measures.

The programme, part of National Cancer Survivors Month activities, also offered students the chance to undergo breast screenings.



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