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Championing Women’s Empowerment: Queen Ciara Initiative’s Salute on International Women’s Day

Madam Victoria Parker, leading the charge at the Queen Ciara Women Empowerment Initiative in Ainonted Palace Chapel’s Achimota Branch, extends warm greetings on International Women’s Day to women worldwide. Guided by the vision of Queen Ciara, wife of Rev Obofour, the initiative stands as a beacon in recognizing and harnessing the strength and potential of women in society.

In her heartfelt message, Madam Victoria Parker calls for unity, urging women to inspire one another to reach new heights and combat gender inequality within their community.

Comparing women to masterpieces, she passionately believes that tremendous feats can be achieved when women are inspired. With a focus on determination, especially among young women, she advocates for the rewriting of stories and the amplification of women’s voices in society.

Asserting, “We women are strong, hardworking, specially created by God, and capable of wonderful things when we put our minds to it,” Madam Parker calls for women to unite, become each other’s keepers, and rewrite their stories for a more significant societal impact. Her empowering message concludes with a warm wish: “Happy International Women’s Day to us all.”

Madam Victoria Parker takes a moment to commend Queen Ciara, acknowledging her as an extraordinary woman whose impact extends beyond her family to benefit everyone. The Queen Ciara Women Empowerment Initiative stands as a beacon of inspiration and celebration on this International Women’s Day.

As the Queen Ciara Women Empowerment Initiative marks this day, it not only celebrates but also commits to fostering a community where women’s potential is fully realized. Madam Parker stresses the importance of mentorship and support networks, encouraging women to uplift each other. Envisioning a future where the initiative becomes a catalyst for positive change, empowering women to break barriers and redefine their roles in society, the Queen Ciara Women Empowerment Initiative stands united in its mission on this International Women’s Day: to create a world where every woman’s strength is acknowledged, celebrated, and utilized for the betterment of all.



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