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Cheetah Cup And The Senya Beraku Festival

The Cheetah Cup welcomes you to Senya Beraku. Senya Beraku is one of the most peaceful and lovely towns in Ghana, situated in the Awutu Senya District in the Central Region, along the Accra Winneba road.

This tournament pride is blessed with a good strategic geographical location; the coast of Senya Beraku is close to Fetteh with lots of beaches. As we prepare to give you a warm welcome to Senya Beraku, be rest assured that an unforgettable experience awaits you in this beautiful archipelago with such wonderful friendly people.

The date of the tournament [14th to 20th August], coincides with the festive period of the people of Senya Beraku

The Senya Beraku Akumase festival is a week-long traditional festival that is celebrated in the third week of August each year. The celebration is spearheaded by the Nkyiew Anu patrilineal family, who are the custodians of the festival.

All other patrilineal families also spearhead one ritual/tradition or the other, making the festival both dramatically splendid and traditionally cocolourfulActivities organized during the festival include: Clean up exercises, path clearing by the two Asafo Companies, “Atta Kwesi Ndaase” – children’s parade with brass band music, family re-union meetings, social functions, sports, games, traditional rituals, regatta, church services, state dance, state durbar, fundraising activities etc.

During the festival, natives of Senya and others travel from and around the country and abroad to celebrate the festival. The town is usually populated with visitors and indigenes.

Celebrating the love of the game of football through Cheetah Cup together with the celebration of the festival gives you an unforgettable Tournaments versus Festivals atmosphere.

We welcome you to this beautiful under-16 soccer fiesta.



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