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Controversy Erupts in Madina Zongo Following Alleged LGBTQI Incident Involving Abdallah Ibrahim

In a recent incident at Madina Zongo on Sunday, June 4th, 2023, Abdallah Ibrahim, reportedly a devout Muslim, found himself in a precarious situation after being apprehended by the watchdog committee.

Abdallah Ibrahim was caught with his LGBTQI partner in a private car, engaging in activities deemed unlawful under Ghanaian law.

Despite efforts to evade capture, Abdallah Ibrahim managed to flee the scene, leaving his partner to face the consequences alone. During interrogation, Abdallah Ibrahim’s partner disclosed that Abdallah Ibrahim had introduced him to LGBTQI activities.

In response to this scandal, Abdallah Ibrahim’s parents have been ostracized from various Islamic volunteer groups by its leaders and traditional leaders of Madina Zongo which has led to the death of Abdallah Ibrahim’s mother, Mariama Ibrahim who was an staunch Muslim, due to the fears, threats, and shame brought to her by the actions of Abdallah Ibrahim.

This development underscores the seriousness with which such matters are regarded within the community, reflecting broader societal attitudes towards LGBTQI issues in Ghana.

In a disturbing turn of events, Abdallah Ibrahim was subjected to molestation, torture, and confinement in a temporary local cell made by the vigilantes group before their case was scheduled to be heard before the chief, elders, and Imams of Madina Zongo. This treatment highlights the severity of the situation and the intense scrutiny faced by individuals involved in such activities.

Rumors and allegations gathered by our news outlets show that Abdallah Ibrahim’s big brother, who assisted him to escape from the temporary local cell and at the same time slipper away from the impending violence, has met his untimely death due to incidents relating to this development.

In light of this incident, tensions within the Madina Zongo community have escalated, with discussions intensifying regarding the implications of Abdallah Ibrahim’s actions and the broader enforcement of laws against LGBTQI+ activities. Some residents wanted to lynch them instantly. His wife, Hamdiya Musah, has bolted since numerous threats have been leveled against her to produce her husband because society believes she is in communication and knows the whereabouts of her husband, Abdallah Ibrahim. The incident has sparked debates on cultural norms, religious beliefs, and the rights of individuals within Ghanaian society.

Furthermore, the situation has been exacerbated by the impending legislation awaiting the president’s signature.

An LGBTQI+ Act is before Ghanaian Parliament recently, and its at the committee stages awaiting to be brought before the chamber and if passed into bill, its aims at strengthening penalties for individuals involved in LGBTQI activities.

Once signed into law, this bill will authorize harsher punishment, potentially leading to imprisonment for those caught engaging in such activities, further heightening the stakes for individuals like Abdallah Ibrahim and his partner caught in compromising situations.



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