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Danger on Mangoase-Adowso road, concern youth call on Akuapem North district assembly

Concerned youth of Mangoase in the Akuapem North District of the Eastern region have raised red-flags over what they described as a looming danger on a bridge across the river Osupru on the Adowso to Mangoase road.

The concrete bridge over the river is falling off due to heavy cracks, making it dangerous for motorists who are already bearing the blunt of the deplorable road to transport their passengers, mostly market women with farm produce to the Adowso market.

In a letter of petition to the District Chief Executive and copied to the Member of Parliament and their paramount chief, the Concern youth of Managoa, described the state of the bridge as a ‘looming danger that needs and immediate attention before any disaster strikes soon’.

They also called on the authorities to as a first step, stop tipper trucks that carry sand and use that side of the road from crossing the bridge to prevent further deterioration. But most importantly they would want authorities to act swiftly to rehabilitate the breaking bridge since livelihood will be affected if it breaks.

According to them, not only farmers, traders and community members who will be affected but also students of Mangoase Senior High School who must cross the bridge before getting to school and other road users who use that road to Suhum.

They added to their petition that should authorities fail to act on time, they will advise themselves on the next line of action to ensure that they are heard.

See letter below

concern citizens of mangoase



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