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Shatta Wale’s “Digital Beggar”: Shots Fired at Mr. Logic & Bulldog

Shatta Wale Fires Shots with New Track “Digital Beggar” Aimed at Mr. Logic and Bulldog

Ghana’s renowned Dance Hall sensation, Shatta Wale, has escalated the ongoing feud with industry figures Mr. Logic and Bulldog through the release of his latest single titled: “Digital Beggar.”

The fiery track takes direct aim at the two prominent pundits, labeling them as “Digital Beggars” who purportedly rely on consistent pleas for assistance.

In a sharp lyrical assault, Shatta Wale portrays Mr. Logic and Bulldog as individuals constantly seeking aid within the industry.

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The song’s release has added fuel to an already heated dispute between Shatta Wale and the aforementioned industry personalities.

It intensifies the verbal exchanges that have been ongoing for some time, sparking widespread anticipation for potential responses and further developments within Ghana’s music sphere.





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