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Edwin Provencal’s Homecoming: Fueled by Success, Uplifting Adabraka’s Football Legacy

In a momentous twist of fate, the Adabraka Elders Football Club, a Division 2 team rooted in the heart of Adabraka, has discovered a new champion in Mr. Edwin Provencal, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST) and a true son of Adabraka.

Born and bred in the very community that the club calls home, Provencal’s recent acquisition of a substantial stake in the club carries a profoundly personal touch. It’s a symbol of his unwavering commitment to the place that nurtured him, a gesture that encapsulates the spirit of giving back to one’s roots.

Mr. Provencal’s journey to success is a remarkable story in its own right. As the Chief Executive Officer of BOST, he has overseen groundbreaking developments and established a legacy of excellence in the energy industry. His achievements in spearheading BOST’s role as a critical player in Ghana’s energy sector are widely celebrated, including enhancing the nation’s fuel storage capacity and ensuring energy security.

This acquisition is not merely about ownership; it’s a heartfelt homecoming, where an Adabraka native, who has achieved remarkable heights in the corporate world, now pledges to write a new chapter in the club’s history.

Provencal’s commitment goes beyond financial investment. He has unveiled ambitious plans to construct a state-of-the-art AstroTurf for the Adabraka Elders, a facility that will not only elevate the club’s training and playing conditions but also serve as a beacon for the aspiring talents of the community.

The vision is clear: to unearth and nurture countless talents from Adabraka, ensuring that the next generation of football stars hails from this vibrant neighborhood.

The Adabraka Elders Football Club has long been a source of immense pride for the community, a symbol of passion and dedication. Despite competing in Division 2, their love for the sport has remained steadfast, and their dream of ascending to the pinnacle of Ghanaian football has never wavered.

Edwin Provencal’s substantial investment now rekindles that dream, injecting new hope and ambition into the club’s veins.

Lawrence Hansen, the club’s previous owner, has eagerly embraced Provencal’s involvement, recognizing the immense opportunity it presents for both the club and the entire Adabraka community. Hansen passionately calls upon the community to unite in support of this transformative endeavor, underscoring the possibility that Adabraka may soon boast a team in the Ghana Premier League.

Mr. Provencal’s unwavering dedication to grassroots sports, particularly in football, is well-documented. His commitment transcends financial support, extending to the passionate championing of local talent and the nurturing of community clubs.

As excitement surges within the Adabraka community, local businesses, devoted supporters, and aspiring young footballers eagerly anticipate the positive changes that Edwin Provencal’s ownership will bring to the club.

The transformation envisioned encompasses more than just on-field success; it carries with it a profound commitment to community engagement, youth development, and a rekindling of Adabraka’s pride in its rich football heritage.

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While the path to the Ghana Premier League undoubtedly poses challenges, Edwin Provencal’s acquisition has kindled fresh hope and determination within the Adabraka Elders Football Club.

As the club aims for higher divisions, the community stands resolutely united behind them, poised to witness and support their ascent in the realm of Ghanaian football.

This acquisition represents more than a mere football transaction; it signifies the rebirth of a community’s sporting spirit and the promising dawn of a new chapter.



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