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Electrochem’s Commitment To Local Participation Unwavering

Electrochem’s Commitment To Local Participation Unwavering

Amidst the ongoing developments, it’s crucial to shed light on Electrochem’s unwavering stance—a stance that has been steadfast since its inception. Electrochem has always held a deep-seated commitment to the Ada community.

It’s imperative to emphasize that the allocation of portions of its concession for artisanal miners isn’t a sudden change or a new decision born out of recent circumstances.

From day one, Electrochem has held the vision of fostering collaboration and coexistence with the locals. The offer to allow space for community activities is not a deviation but an affirmation of their original plan—a plan that sought local participation and mutual growth from the outset.

For the records; Nakomkope, Adjumanikope, and Agbedrafor have started mining in their community pans since last season, these communities have their community pans currently filled again with mature brine (saltwater), which will crystalize into top-quality salt for the community to mine this season.

Bonikope and Toflokpo community pans are yet to be completed due to obstructions and attacks on the staff of Electrochem by ASLA members during operations.

Kposem and Matsekope have their community pans at various stages of completion.

The reality remains that Electrochem’s intent to engage with the community has persisted since the beginning. The company’s doors have always been open, eagerly inviting all stakeholders to partake in dialogue and cooperation.

Regrettably, the unwillingness and entrenched position for engagement by ASLA has obscured this longstanding commitment.

The success and progress of any venture rely heavily on mutual participation and engagement.

Electrochem’s stance hasn’t shifted; it’s the unfortunate reluctance of ASLA ( A group whose “Atsiakpo” Salt galamsey activities led to the destruction of the Songor Lagoon) to engage constructively that has led to misconceptions.

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It’s crucial to set the record straight—Electrochem’s magnanimous gesture is not a sudden change of heart, but a reaffirmation of their enduring commitment to collaboration and community empowerment.

This ongoing endeavor to foster harmony and opportunities in Ada is a reflection of Electrochem’s core values—a commitment to unity, progress, and shared prosperity from day one.

The ball has always been in the court of ASLA.



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