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Every Woman is Different: UBA Ruby Account, made for women’s different needs

The celebration of womens month presents yet another opportune time to spark conversations on women’s economic empowerment.

When women are economically empowered, they are equipped with the education, training, and skills they need to get a job, earn an income and become a life support within their various communities. It further changes their lives, as they are no longer financially dependent on someone else for their basic needs.

Enabling women to become economically empowered comes in different ways:  Expanding womens network, strengthening their capabilities, institution laws and policies that support women among others.

Building their financial resources can also help women to be economically empowered. Having a financial partner that helps manage womens finances is also an important step to achieving economic empowerment and promoting financial inclusion for women.

Womens economic empowerment is at the heart of UBA. The bank as part of its objectives to promote financial inclusion through impactful initiatives and has designed a special account to support women.

The RUBY Account by UBA is a special current account designed for discerning women to satisfy their special business and personal needs.

The banks strong commitment to women advancement reflects in the Ruby Account such that whether you are a female executive, a professional woman ranging mid-high level position or a stay-at-home wife married to a spouse with mid to high income, you can sign onto a Ruby Account.

The Ruby Account provides exciting benefits such as Zero Cost of Transaction, attractive interest rates of up to 6% for balances above GHS20,000, access to consumer credit facilities, discount on services offered by various Ruby partner outlets, free enrolment to e-Banking channels like Internet banking, email and SMS alert services, customized Ruby account cheque book, debit card and more.

With such amazing benefits, features, discounts and offers, there is no reason why a woman should not prefer such a woman-specific account.

Getting a Ruby Account is a simple process. Women can visit any UBA Branch. This unique women-centered product opens them up to a world of financial possibilities.



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