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Explosive Accusations Rock Nsawam Adoagyiri: Polling Station Executives Slam MP’s Falsehoods on Hayford Siaw’s Candidature!

A bombshell revelation has ignited a fierce battle between a group of daring Polling Station Executives, who proudly call themselves the Brave 66, and the Member of Parliament for Nsawam Adoagyiri and the Majority Whip of the 8th Parliament, Frank Annoh Dompreh. The Executives are demanding an end to the MP’s cowardly tactics of spreading baseless falsehoods about the funding source behind the candidature of the illustrious Hayford Siaw, CEO of the Ghana Library Authority, in the upcoming New Patriotic Party parliamentary primaries.

Seething with anger over the MP’s disrespect towards them throughout the years, the Brave 66 spokesperson, Mr. Abraham Adarkwa, lashed out at Annoh Dompreh, accusing him of hiding behind tabloids to disseminate deceitful claims. In a shocking twist, the MP has been insinuating that a wealthy businessman within the NPP is clandestinely backing Hayford Siaw’s bid for candidacy.

Leaping to Hayford Siaw’s defense, the Brave 66 Executives vehemently refuted these erroneous allegations. They boldly declared to the world that they, as proud delegates, have pooled their resources together to purchase the nomination forms and pay all necessary fees to support Hayford Siaw’s candidacy. Not stopping there, they have even launched a crowdfunding initiative, using the shortcode *447*2389#, to allow supporters to contribute to his campaign.

Their frustration with the incumbent MP runs deep, as they accuse him of acting as a dictatorial figure within the constituency for an astounding twelve years. Not only do they lament his arrogance, but they also point to the dwindling number of NPP votes in the area as evidence of his disrespect towards the party’s members. Astonishingly, while the NDC managed to increase their votes by a staggering 12,000 between the 2016 and 2020 elections, the NPP trailed behind with a meager increase of just 7,000 votes.

Mr. Abraham Adarkwa, the bold spokesperson for Brave 66, did not mince his words as he condemned the MP’s tactics of using newspapers to spread insinuations about the wealthy backer supposedly behind Hayford Siaw. Adarkwa emphasized that Siaw’s track record speaks for itself, highlighting his commendable accomplishments in the constituency since 2008. Siaw’s imprint can be seen in the establishment of a school, football club, event grounds, radio station, and even farms in the area long before the NPP came into power in 2016 when he was appointed as the esteemed CEO of the Ghana Library Authority.

In stark contrast, the MP finds himself under scrutiny, with no notable achievements in generating employment opportunities for the constituency’s citizens. The constituents are growing increasingly restless with his lackluster performance in this critical aspect.

Adarkwa Abraham Asamoah
024 987 8036
Polling Station Executive: Sabon Zongo



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