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Father’s Foundation Donates Exercise Books to 100 Children


Fada Amakye, the CEO of Father’s Foundation, has embarked on a benevolence exercise by presenting exercise books valued at GH¢1000 to 100 children at Pillar of God Nursery School in Labadi Apaapa, within the La Dadekopon constituency in the Greater Accra Region.

This philanthropic initiative is part of Father’s Foundation’s ongoing program to bolster education and empower children across the Greater Accra region to excel and achieve greater heights in their future endeavors.

During a brief ceremony, Fada Amakye, a journalist at Top Radio, highlighted that the Father’s Foundation had supplied approximately 300 exercise books to the beneficiaries.

He expressed the foundation’s unwavering commitment to supporting Pillar of God Nursery  School and similar institutions to enhance early-grade reading and provide refuge for under-resourced and underprivileged children, fostering their full potential.

Emphasizing the critical importance of education, Fada Amakye urged parents to prioritize education for their children, enabling them to have diverse choices in life.

He commended individuals who have supported the foundation’s mission to provide hope for underprivileged pupils and children within the Labadi Apaapa community, including the La Township.

The CEO noted that the donated exercise books significantly relieved teachers, parents, and pupils, facilitating a conducive teaching and learning environment in their respective schools.

He emphasized that this donation aimed to level the playing field, ensuring that schoolchildren from under-resourced homes have the same educational opportunities as their counterparts from more affluent backgrounds.

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Fada Amakye pledged the foundation’s ongoing commitment to developing a seamless education system from basic to tertiary levels. He expressed the intention to build a recreational facility for children in the area, providing a space for education-related activities and addressing the lack of such amenities in the community.

“I am planning to build a recreational facility for children to read and engage in educational activities because, in this big area, there is no such thing, even the children’s park is deteriorated,” Fada Amakye added.

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