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Gambo’s Drip Remix Video Hits 2 Million Views On YouTube & Worldstar In Record 8 Days

Ghanaian rapper, Bashir Annan, famously known as Gambo, has seen his ‘Drip’ Remix video, featuring legendary American rapper Jim Jones and Ayigbe Edem, hit two million views on YouTube and World Star within just eight days of its release.

The combined two million views on YouTube and World Star makes ‘Drip’ Remix the biggest international collaboration so far in 2024 by a Ghanaian musician.

In the video that promotes Ghanaian culture highly,
legendary American rapper, Jim Jones, was adorably styled like a real Ghanaian royal.

One would be pardoned to mistaken Jim Jones as an Asanti King for the high level of Ghanaian royalty he portrayed in the ‘Drip Remix’ video. His demeanor, the ‘subjects’ at his feet and standing around him, and his beautiful Kente wear accessorized with amazing beads, and his fine-looking crown all perfectly teamed up to earn him a noble ‘royal status’.

The video shot in the U.S.A., has been well received by Ghanaians all over the world. In the video, Jim Jones is seen beautifully dressed like a Ghanaian king, alongside rappers Gambo, Ayigbe Edem, a number of white and black women who also dressed in beautiful Ghanaian costumes, promoting the beautiful culture of Ghana on the international scene. The ‘Drip’ Remix is one of the amazing tunes on Gambo’s latest extended play (EP) titled ‘1 More Bullet’, a musical project that’s in celebration of hip-hop. Featuring on the highly anticipated EP are Ghanaian music duo, E.L., and Kofi Jumah. E.L. features on a song dubbed: ‘Enjoyment’. Kofi Jamar showcased his music prowess on ‘Conversation’, another amazing song on the EP to watch out for.

Jim Jones was not only excellent in contributing to ‘Drip Remix’ lyrically, but his dress style was a perfect fit for marketing brand Ghana in America and beyond.

Gambo is in the first Ghanaian musician in history to do an international collaboration where he influenced a westerner to adopt the Ghanaian culture rather trying to dress copy the dress code of the Western world. Jim Jones was historically influenced to ‘wear Ghana’, ‘appreciate Ghanaian culture’ and to help immensely market the Ghanaian culture, something for which Gambo truly deserves an brand ambassadorial role for Ghana from agencies like the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA).

Music, they say, is immersive, fostering an understanding that goes beyond language barriers. It preserves one’s cultural roots for years and years, ensuring that future generations can continue to share in traditions that connect them to their history. Exposure to diverse musical influences do help to inspire creativity and innovation, something which leads to the creation of new genres of music. This global connectivity promotes tolerance and respect and contributes to a more interconnected and empathetic world.

Gambo is certainly helping immensely to connect Ghanaians in the diaspora to their roots and to equally inspire the younger generation of Ghanaian musicians to take great pride in their cultural heritage and promote same internationally.

Gambo strongly believes that through music, the rich traditions, stories, and values of Ghana could reach the hearts of people worldwide.

He’s also using his music to inspire the younger generation of Ghanaian musicians to explore their cultural roots, and create music that celebrated their Ghanaian heritage.

For Gambo, using the power of music to promote Ghanaian culture internationally, could profit Ghana’s tourism industry immensely. He believes using music to promote culture can help to attract more tourists to Ghana.

Gambo continues to exemplify himself as a great ambassador for brand Ghana and he has vowed to continue to use his music journey to send home the message that Ghanaian culture is a treasure to be celebrated and shared with the rest of the world.



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