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Gay man beaten to pulp, flees lynching

13 November, 2023, will forever remain the saddest day in the life of Yahya Amadu, a trader from a strict moslem background with three children.

Unbeknown to his friends and area boys, despite living with a woman, Yahya Amadu is a bisexual, which explains why he divorced his ex-wife and sent his children to live with his new girlfriend so he could have time for his gay partner.

Luck, however, eluded him on 13th November, as he was caught with his gay partner in a compromising situation in his room.

Typical of a religious sect that so much abors same-sex practices, coupled with the fact that Yahya is from a family of Muslim clerics, the area boys beat him to pulp, dragged him into the nearby bush and chained him to one of the trees to die a slow but painful death.

It took the timely intervention of a passerby to rescue Yahya from the bush at Madina Aviation, an Accra suburb.

According to a sources close to Yahya’s family, the vigilante groups suspected Yahya, as he was fondly called, and reported him to the community chiefs about his activities but the elders did not believe it because they consided him a staunch Muslim.

What is more worrying to his community members is that Amadu, as some called Yahya leads people in prayer, therefore, to be involved in homosexuality acts, which are typically against the tenets of Islamic religion, he needed to be taught a lesson with the assault.

He had to flee town after several attacks and threats from the youth.

Due to the number of phone call threats, he has fled the town and is suspected to have even flown out of the country, especially in the back of the passage of the anti- gay Bill.

The source familiar with the issues further indicated that the vigilante group spread information to other communities to be on the lookout of his whereabouts.



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