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GBfoods Ghana Rewards Francisca Baiden with Kitchen Renovation in the “Anigye Aba Fie” Promotion  


GBfoods Ghana is excited to announce the first grand prize winner of our “Anigye Aba Fie” National Consumer Promotion.

After weeks of anticipation and excitement, Madam Francisca Baiden, a teacher, has emerged as the lucky recipient of the complete kitchen makeover after the first draw held in Kumasi.

Francisca Baiden, a loyal consumer of Gino and Pomo products, has not only enjoyed the rich flavors of these products but has also been rewarded with a completely transformative experience for her kitchen.

The “Anigye Aba Fie” promotion was designed as a token of appreciation to valued GBfoods consumers, and Francisca’s win exemplifies the heartwarming success stories GBfoods aimed to create through this initiative. Her unwavering support and loyalty have not only elevated her cooking experiences but have now added a touch of luxury to her home.

Sales Director at GBfoods Ghana, Amit Mahajan, thanked Ghanaians for taking part in the promo so far and congratulated Francisca Baiden for winning the first grand prize, stating, ” We are overjoyed to reward our dedicated consumers, and Francisca’s win symbolizes the joy and enrichment we aimed to bring into the lives of our consumers. This promotion has not only celebrated the flavors of Gino and Pomo but has also created moments of happiness and transformation.”

The Marketing Director at GBfoods Ghana, Samuel Dery, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Francisca Baiden’s win is a testament to the success of the ‘Anigye Aba Fie’ promotion. We designed this initiative to warm hearts and provide our consumers with reasons to celebrate. The complete kitchen renovation and additional prizes are our way of giving back to those who have made GBfoods a part of their daily lives.”

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Francisca Baiden, upon learning of her win, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I am beyond thrilled and grateful to GBfoods for this incredible prize. The kitchen makeover is a dream come true, and I appreciate the efforts GBfoods has put into making this promotion special for its consumers. Thank you for enhancing not just my meals but also my home. It’s real!”

Other winners also walked away with essential home appliances, branded t-shirts, souvenirs, and airtime, making their daily lives a little more convenient and joyful.

The “Anigye Aba Fie” promotion has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on Francisca Baiden’s life, turning a kitchen into a space of joy and inspiration.



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