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Ghanaian football stars Flock HEY IBIZA WAVE II, Adding Glitz and Glamour to the Extravaganza

In an unprecedented display of star power, the renowned beach music festival HEY IBIZA WAVE II which was held on June 25 at the Alora Beach Resort attracted a dazzling array of A-list celebrities, transforming the event into a celebrity hotspot and further solidifying its reputation as a must-attend extravaganza.

From popular footballers to chart-topping musicians and influential personalities, the WatsUp TV and Amapiano+SKYMUSIC – organized festival’s sandy shores witnessed an influx of notable celebrities, captivating both attendees and fans worldwide.

As the festival kicked off against the backdrop of sun-drenched beaches, the energy was electric, and the presence of celebrities added an extra layer of excitement.

Leading the pack was international soccer star, Thomas Partey, who turned heads with his arrival. He effortlessly blended in with the crowd, embracing the carefree beach atmosphere and enjoying the pulsating beats that filled the air.

In addition to the Arsenal midfielder, the festival also played a host to Ghanaian international footballers, including Joseph Paintsil, Majeed Ashimeru, Gideon Mensah, and Abdul Samed, who are famed for their inspiring careers. They embraced the beach vibes and mingled with fans.

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Beyond the star-studded appearances, HEY IBIZA WAVE II delivered an unparalleled experience for attendees.

The festival’s meticulously curated lineup featured a diverse range of musical genres, ensuring there was something for everyone. From iconic headliner DJSKY alongside other billed jockeys, such as DJ Toyo, DJ Raya, DJ Wallpaper, DJ Loft, DJ Sly King, DJ Tonto, Master Que, DJ MOB, DJ Shoval, Dj Nickie Cartel, and more, the festival showcased the best of the music industry, leaving a lasting impression on both music enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

The beach music festival had once again proven its ability to provide a platform where music, culture, and celebrity converged, creating an atmosphere of shared enjoyment and celebration.



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