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Ghanaian Muslims hold special prayers for an End to Israel-Hamas(or Gaza) war

A section of Ghanaian Muslims in Tema Newtown in the Greater Accra Region has organized special prayers for a lasting peace in Palestine following the ongoing attack on their sovereignty by the Israeli government. The special prayers by the Muslim community in Tema Newtown, which coincided with their Ramadan Prayers and Iftar, drew dozens of Muslims across the various communities in the Tema region. Also in attendance were the Tema Mayor, Yohane Armah Ashitey, and Greater Accra Minister designate Titus Glover among other senior Muslim clerics.

Prayers were offered for the souls of the deceased Palestinians who lost their lives through the ongoing Israeli attacks. The vulnerable, and also Muslims across the globe who are being faced with a similar situation as that in Palestine were also prayed for.

The Tema Newtown Chief Imam, Sheik Abdallah Ulmnar, who led the special prayers, stressed the need for all religious leaders to take it upon themselves to rally their nation to pray for peace in Palestine and Israel. He also called on religious leaders in Ghana to pray for the country ahead of the National elections in a bid to preach for peace.

Organizer of the event and CEO of ‘One God One Ghana’ Foundation, Mr Mohammed Elias Pele, further explained the motivation behind the special prayers.

An award was also presented to Mr. Mohammed Elias Pele by the Bazzig Foundation for the Blind, an NGO with an interest in supporting blind Muslims. He was commanded by the founder of the foundation, Sheikh Unar Sulemana for his support to the foundation since its inception.



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