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Give Fair Hearing To Men Whenever Women Raise Allegations-Mylisa

Give Fair Hearing To Men Whenever Women Raise Allegations-Mylisa

Ghanaian producer and author Princess Agyapomaa, popularly known as Mylisa, says men have to be given a fair hearing whenever there are allegations made by women, especially when it comes to issues of relationships.

According to Mylisa, some women are taking advantage of societal prejudice by believing their narratives ruin the emotions and lives of men.

Mylisa stated that men deserve equal protection as women, stating that men have been silenced from giving their perspective on pertinent issues.

“The emotions of men matter, so manhood has to be respected. Men are committing suicide and ‘murdering’ women every day because they are dying in silence.

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“Are we fighting for women’s rights to ridicule and emasculate men? Or we are fighting for women’s rights to build society.

“Whenever there is an issue between men and women, society is so quick to defend the women because women are seen to be weak.

“A lot of women are riding on this to attack and falsely accuse men,” she stated.

She further asserted that if the narrative of men could be given a fair hearing by society, many women would be exposed to some negative things they do.

“A grown woman will have consensual sex with a grown man, and the man will be shamed for impregnating the woman. Women have so much power over whether to carry a pregnancy or not, but nobody holds them responsible for being careless.

“How can a jobless man father a child? Why isn’t the woman attacked for having unprotected sex with a jobless man? When a woman speaks, it is healing, but when a man speaks, it is immaturity.

“Men deserve more respect than women because these men are literally our fathers, husbands, and brothers. If women are free to express themselves, then men must be given the same freedom to express how they feel without being called disrespectful,” she said.



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