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Godwin Frimpong and Vanessa Efia Kolekie have been appointed as chairman and secretary of the Athletes commission of the GhanaBodybuilding and Fitness Association 

The New Executives of Ghana Bodybuilding and Fitness Association which came to office last Friday has hit the ground running by way of restructuring and improving the Association and meeting international standards has appointed two of their Athletes into various positions.

Godwin Frimpong who is a Pro Card holder has been appointed by Executives as Chairperson whilst Vanessa Efia Kolekie occupying the Secretariat position of the Athletes commission.

Some of their duties will be to be spokesperson of bodybuilding and fitness athletes in every matter concerning the course of bodybuilding and fitness competitions and to recommend improvements in this area to the President and Executive Council; they will also be expected to assist the Judges Committee and the Technical Committee in ensuring the smooth running of the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships or any International event.

Then can also to have the power to temporarily co-opt members to assist in carrying out the duties of the Committee;
The athletes commission appointees are expected to organize athletes for meetings, competitions, and other gatherings of athletes and executives; and to fulfil any other duty or duties that may be assigned by the President or the Executive

The New Executive Members will continue to do its best to improve the Association to win more lures for mother Ghana.



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