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Great Commission Elder calls upon Christians to shun negative attitudes

Elder Raphael Adzorze, Presiding Elder, Grace Temple, Great Commission Church International (GCCI), on Sunday called upon Christians to shun negative attitudes and put on godly behaviour as the only way in nation building.

He appealed to Christians to stop the pull-him-down attitudes and support each other in the nation-building agenda.
“The day of judgement is coming. When you become an obstacle to your friend, on the day of accountability, God will ask you, why did you do that?”. Elder Adzorze stated in his homily dubbed “The Christian Stewardship and Spiritual Growth” at GCCI Maranatha Assembly, Kanawu, Tema-West.

He also advised Christians to be generous, respectful and care for others. He said one outstanding quality of stewardship, which God required of his children was faithfulness and therefore Christians must be faithful stewards.

The Elder further called upon Christians to use their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Church.

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He urged Christians to use their diverse spiritual gifts to make the world a better place for the good of mankind.
He reiterated that God had endowed every Christian with spiritual gifts for the work of service; stating that therefore, Christians had no excuse for not utilizing their spiritual gifts.

Elder Adzorze reminded Christians that there was a day of accountability for everything God had given to everyone.
He noted that everything that each and every Christian had was a gift from God, and therefore they must humble themselves in the service of God.




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