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GTFCL seeks private participation in Trade Fair redevelopment project

The Ghana Trade Fair Company (GTFCL) is calling for private participation in the redevelopment of the Ghana Trade Fair Center.

This paper has gathered from reliable source that after the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ghana Trade Fair Company (GTFCL) and Stellar Holding Pte. Limited for the implementation of the project for the conversion of the current Ghana International Trade Fair Center site into a new modern mixed-use smart, green, and sustainable commercial estate, plans are far advanced by management of the Center to get private developers on board.

Information gathered is that management and project facilitators have now acquired Title to the land earmarked for the project hence are ready to allocate portions to private developers who are willing to develop the land to the required status.

The facility is to contain a World Class Convention and Exhibition Center, Hotel, Retail, Tech Hub, Amusement parks.
The call for private developers for the project is to imbibe the Private Sector expertise into the development of the state of the art, international standard Convention and Exhibition Centre supported by a mix use commercial facility including hotels, offices, retail and leisure Centres.

It has been gathered that management is willing to rebuild confidence in investors with the government of Ghana budgeting US $2bn for the redevelopment of the Trade Fair Centre.

The completion and redevelopment of the Centre into a modern trade exhibition site will generate additional tax revenue from new businesses and investors, locally and on the international sphere.

The Company’s Redevelopment Project which covers an area of about 156 acres, when completed, would create a well-coordinated and well-managed world class multi-purpose international Trade Fair Centre capable of attracting global trade and investment into the country.

The project
The project is anticipated to take about three to five years and expected to be carried out in three phases with phase one expected to include the development of a 12,000-seater trade convention centre. Modern hotels, retail shops, among others are expected to be built on the site.

The Centre will provide an estimated 10,000 jobs including 3,000 direct jobs and 7,000 indirect ones throughout the value chain.



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