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Help Create Employment For The Youth- Philanthropist Urges

A philanthropist and a banker, Mr. Lord Bismark Boam has bemoaned the joblessness status of most youth in Pru East District of the Bono Region.

He, therefore, made a passionate appeal to natives from the area currently occupying recognised positions in cooperate institutions in the country to help create employment avenues for the youth.

Expressing himself as a concerned native, Mr. Boam lamented that the rate at which a realistic number of the youth are struggling to make ends meet is very alarming. And that, there are limited employment avenues in the area hence the deplorable state of the energetic youth.

According to him, the area is noted for agriculture, notably cereals and tuber-linked crops. Unfortunately, they have erratic farming seasons. The first rainy season begins in June whilst the second rainy season begins in September or

October. The difference between the minor and major seasons is hardly noticed due to the transitional nature of the area.

The mean monthly temperature ranges from a height of 300C in March to as low as 240C in August. The mean annual temperature ranges between 26.50C and 27.20C.

In extreme cases, temperatures rise to about 400C. The climate in the District is hardly stable as in some years the rains delay or come in low quantities and in other years the rains come in excess with stormy and torrential downpours, which are sometimes destructive to both crops and the built environment. In view of that residents feel reluctant to invest their little financial resources into farming connected activities.

Dialoguing with the press, Mr. Boam seized the opportunity to appeal to humanitarian or Non-profit making organizations like Adventist Relief Services, Action Aid, DANIDA, and World Vision as well as agric related institutions operating in Bono East Region to use their expertise and help improve the system of farming in Pru East District.

He echoed that, it is obligatory for the central government to elevate farming activities in the district. This he suggested can be done through the construction of irrigation dams.

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Filled with grief, Mr. Boam revealed that the current idle situation amongst the youth in Yeji, the District capital, and its immediate surroundings are very complex. He hastened that, the effort of the central government alone cannot help solve the problem as expected.

He, however, appealed to the government through the District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon Alhaji Abdulai Adams to take leading initiative to encourage private institutions and other individuals to augment the effort.

He was of the view that the central government needs to put in place pragmatic measures to solidify enough to sustain agricultural activities in Pru East District.

Still, on the youth, Mr. Boam pointed out that, gradually farming is becoming unattractive to the youth in the District. This he attributed to the poor system of farming used by farmers in the area. He explained that with immediate

intervention, agric extension officers can be tasked to school farmers on other approved strategies that will help improve their annual yield.



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