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How crypto stablecoins offer a hedge against inflation in Africa



 If you keep an eye on the news pertaining to the economy, one word you’ll keep hearing is inflation. This concept is a strong determining factor in our everyday lives, from the worth of your salary compared to what it’s able to buy month on month, to the prices of goods and services we pay for.

Africa, including Ghana, has not been immune to the global economic shifts causing inflationary pressures. For example, the rate of inflation crossed the 40% barrier earlier this year. While we are unable to run away from the full effects of inflation and the economic uncertainties it produces, we find reassurance in various financial instruments available to us. One such is the Yellow Card.

As a partner in the financial landscape, Yellow Card as a company is helping to reshape Ghana’s financial narrative. This cryptocurrency platform, with the well-being of Ghanaians at its core, is a service provider as much as it is a guardian of financial security. An example of how it does this is through stablecoins.

Exploring Stablecoins

Without exaggerating, stablecoins are true heroes of the digital currency world.

Cryptocurrency stablecoins, such as Tether (USDT) and MakerDAO’s Dai (DAI), resemble traditional currencies, but with a twist. By their nature, they are able to remain steady by pegging themselves to a reserve asset, like the U.S. dollar or to the price of a commodity such as gold. This unique characteristic shields stablecoins from the wild price swings seen in other cryptocurrencies, making them a reliable store of value. In the face of inflation, when traditional currencies and some other cryptocurrencies waver, stablecoins stand firm, offering security for your wealth.

Imagine you have savings of GHS 1,000. With traditional currency, the purchasing power of this amount could diminish rapidly due to inflation. However, if you convert your GHS 1,000 into an equivalent value of a stablecoin, your money is protected from the devaluing effects of inflation. This is because, regardless of economic fluctuations, the stablecoin maintains its value, allowing you to preserve the purchasing power of your money. Crypto stablecoins provide an alternative, allowing individuals to safeguard their wealth without relying on traditional banking infrastructure.

One of the key advantages of crypto stablecoins is their accessibility. With just a smartphone and internet connection, you can easily convert your local currency into stablecoins on the Yellow Card app, opening up a world of financial opportunities beyond traditional borders. This accessibility is crucial in a global economy where traditional financial systems may not offer the same level of inclusivity.

The Yellow Card Advantage

Despite concerns about crypto-fuelled fraud and central bank hesitations, Yellow Card has proven itself as a trustworthy financial companion and shown real commitment to Ghanaians as a crypto platform. Through robust and secure infrastructure, Yellow Card ensures your transactions are safe from potential threats.

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Recognising that crypto is a relatively new financial concept as compared to what traditional banks offer, Yellow Card serves as an educational gateway. With free access to simplified guides, Yellow Card empowers every user with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of crypto (including stablecoins), blockchain, and trading strategies.

Aligned with the government’s agenda on financial inclusion, Yellow Card provides fundamental tools for financial empowerment. It becomes a catalyst for inclusivity, bridging the gap between traditional financial systems and the unbanked or underbanked populations in Ghana.

In a digital era where financial choices matter more than ever, there has never been a better time to make stablecoins a major pillar in your financial freedom strategy.



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