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How UPSA graduate quits as a Lecturer & College President to grow a successful online business

How UPSA graduate quits as a Lecturer & College President to grow a successful online business


This post “How a UPSA graduate quits a day job as a lecturer and College President to grow a successful online business” should inspire and provoke you to work hard, dream, and take initiative to change your story and move out of toxic environments when the environment refuses to change for the better.

After two and a half years of uncompromised service as President and Lecturer at a private tertiary institution, Mr. Wisdom Hammond decided to walk. The best thing that has happened to me in the last six months is the decision to resign, he indicated in a post on Facebook.

Up close with Mr. Hammond revealed he had over 20 years of work experience as a teacher, accountant, and administrator among others in addition to IT-related services he performs for clients such as website designing and search engine optimization services.

“Impacting lives right in the lecture halls and outside through the power of leadership/servantship was the norm. He has his education roots in UPSA which mentored and prepared for through the His BA in Admin and MPhil Leadership programme at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

“Today, continues to break boundaries and leverages IT for those seeking for online news. This journey really took off with while in Graduate school year one, then among others. Working, and combining it with this time-consuming online work was unrewarding, but I kept the faith and went on trying out new ideas and paying for training to acquire the needed skills and experience.” He said.

“I decided to fully concentrate on blogging because it gives me the desired satisfaction and was more rewarding than spending 10 to 12 hours in the office plus Sundays and Saturdays without a decent compensation for the full-time work, the least said about the weekend jobs at the office, the better.” He said in a Facebook post.

“It was more of a learning curve and application of experience in that position. The demotivating factors frustrated the will to keep working for the institution,”  He stated.

According to him, performing a role that will ordinarily need at least three persons to carry out and not being compensated for even the effort of one person was not good enough to merit his continuous stay at the post. The truth is employers breaching employment contracts cannot keep good talents for long.


He decided to quit and concentrate on working from home, thus converting his writing hobby into a full-time home job.

Today, and other education, tech, and business portals under his leadership and hard work continue to provide useful solutions to schools, parents, teachers, and the entire online visitors of the various portal.

“This is more rewarding, and fulfilling, as Ghana Education News provides not only online news but also consultancy, home, and school mock materials, and digital education products among others.” He said.


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