Human Rights in Africa: The story so far

Human Rights in Africa in my opinion is a mirage if strong foundations of peace and justice are sacrificed on the altar of politics, nepotism, ignorance due to lack of education, and sensitization of the masses on what their rights are and how they can guard against violations, get redress if violated. It is practically impossible to promote respect for human rights when there is no peace, no justice.

Seriously, Human Rights in Africa is lagging behind. Many are confusing human rights by giving people excessive freedom.

Africa has come a long way but we have so many grounds to over. I believe we can part ourselves on the back for what we have achieved so far however we are far from an average success in our quest to improve human rights protection.

Sadly, others are seeing it as something that will work against Africa’s native cultures, hence those whose rights you attempt to fight for, feel reluctant to open up on violations.

Gov’t and CSO seem to disagree on some human rights issues creating tension within the Human Rights Advocacy phase and partnership for ensuring Human rights issues are championed together. The present state needs more effort if we are to improve on it.

Human Rights in Africa is still at its lowest in Africa. The African Union has a problem and that is its sanctions and punitive measures are not bitting enough to get member states to fall in line.

Nearly every member state has its own peculiar human rights violations going on. The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights of the Africa Union needs to have its presence and activities felt in every African country. We are not seeing that. The African Union has lost touch with the very human rights violations being reported on a daily basis across Africa. I will grade their absence on the ground as a -C

Press Freedom and the targetted attempts on individual journalists who for genuine love for the profession, country and truth are hunted by persons in power. Telling the Africa story requires stakeholders to create an enabling environment for journalism which is the watchdog of society to thrive. Attempts at preventing them from telling the African stories mean hindering their productivity while making them put out face-saving stories instead of the real truth.

Peace is an essential element that can help the youth to realize their dreams because no good thing manifests when there is chaos anarchy and a medieval lifestyle among people.

This means the youth have a role to play to create that needed co-existing space for their own good and future by
Support youth visions of peace. Govt and political actors must provide the needed space for the youth to engage in and appreciate the political process. Youth education and capacity building are also key if we are to entrench the positive values of peace in the DNA of the African you.

In some parts of Africa young people have seen conflict firsthand, those in areas with which are less prone to conflicts and all of Africa needs to support peace focused programs and activities to draw in the youth and even children to position this in their minds as the best preferred option for a brighter tomorrow.

“Rule of law and institutional reform cannot start with a “clean slate”. Understanding the patterns of past human rights violations and ending impunity for the worst violations are indispensable for successful transformative processes. At the core of any effort to establish accountability are three indispensable and interlinked rights: the right to truth, the right to justice, and the right to an effective remedy and reparation. In order to implement these rights, a comprehensive strategy is required that involves governments and civil society and addresses gaps of knowledge, capacity and political commitment.”

This is according to Navanethem Pillay of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.
Human rights violations are big issues in Africa, sadly there are varied instances where Africa leaders are seen doing little to nothing when human rights violations are glaring, caught on tape, etc.

Human Rights in Africa because political leadership entertains abuse of the ordinary by party faithful and big guns in political parties especially when the said party is in power.
Unwilling to apply the whip, let influential individuals alleged to have violated the rights of others face the full arm of the law after investigations are no existent.

Human rights violations occur all the time during elections, demonstrations, etc, when people who are outspoken speak against the ills of leadership or political figures, journalists publish revealing stories among others.
Governments need to have the will to expose human rights violators within their fold, this will and outside it.
Ensure, violations being investigated are done by unbias teams and their findings and recommendations implemented.

The Ayawaso West Wuogon Election Violence and Abuse ended nowhere even after the work of the Short Commission.

These are clear indications that the government is adamant when it comes to genuinely halting human rights violations.

In the absence of proper electoral incentives, both incumbent politicians and opposition leaders may strategically choose to ignore poor human rights practices. The reverse action is more important and the best-fit leadership move.

In short, leadership must not tell us what they are doing about it, rather the people must see it being done. Human Rights in Africa, how far are we behind and how fast must we go to catch up with the rest of the world.?

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