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IHRC Ambassador to the African Union stands with vulnerable Sudanese


International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Ambassador to the African Union His Excellency Abu Zein has expressed solidarity for the vulnerable Sudanese conflict victims.

To the IHRC envoy, the situation in Sudan is unfortunate and has prompted his high office to stand with the war victims.

In a release signed by His Excellency’s corporate affairs department , it stated ” Conflict in any form should not be encouraged, the vulnerable; particularly women and children suffer the most .

“What is happening in Sudan is unfortunate, hence my office stand with the most affected victims.”

On April 15, an armed conflict between rival factions of the military government of Sudan began.

It started when clashes broke out in western Sudan, in the capital city of Khartoum, and in the Darfur region.

As of 25 April, at least 559 people have been killed[14] and more than 4,000 others had been injured.

The fighting began with attacks by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on key government sites. Airstrikes, artillery, and gunfire were reported across Sudan including in Khartoum.

As of 23 April 2023, both the RSF leader Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo and Sudan’s de facto leader and army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan claimed control of several key government sites, including the general military headquarters, the Presidential Palace, Khartoum International Airport, Burhan’s official residence, and the SNBC headquarters.

The conflict between the two generals has led Sudan to the brink of renewed civil war, and it has been referred to as a “burgeoning civil war”.



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