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Ishmael Ashitey Foundation Brings Hope To Brilliant But Needy Students In Tema East

In a noteworthy development, the Honorable Ishmael Ashitey Foundation (HIAF) has granted scholarships of five thousand Ghana Cedis each to four deserving students pursuing tertiary education.
The foundation, established in 2023 to commemorate the legacy of the late Member of Parliament for Tema East and Minister of State, Ishmael Ashitey, has become a beacon of hope for bright yet underprivileged individuals within the constituency.
These scholarships mark the second batch of recipients, with the first four students having been awarded similar financial support earlier. Adjetey Francis Adjei (KNUST, BSc Physics), Kraku Ransford Nii Adjei (KNUST, BSc Biochemistry), Bortey Vanessa Naa Borley (University of Education, Winneba, Human Resource Management), and David Tetteh (UMaT, BSc Chemical Engineering) are the fortunate recipients of this impactful initiative.
A member of the board and chairman of the scholarship awards scheme at HIAF, Rev. Dr Ben Owusu expressed that the scholarship scheme was created to pay homage to the late Tema East lawmaker’s legacy.
The foundation’s mission is to provide merit-based scholarships to Tema East natives, facilitating their pursuit of a university education.
By offering financial aid, mentorship, and pathways programs, HIAF aims to foster academic success, emotional growth, and professional development among its scholars.
Ishmael Ashitey, who served as the Member of Parliament for Tema East from 1997 to 2009, left a lasting impact on the constituency.
The scholarship program was established as part of an ongoing effort to honor his contributions and support talented but financially constrained individuals within the community.
Several beneficiaries expressed gratitude, emphasizing the scholarship’s significance in preventing them from abandoning their education due to financial constraints.
Bortey Vanessa Naa Borley, enrolled in Human Resource Management at the University of Education, Winneba, shared her journey of being unable to pursue further studies for three years after completing senior high school.
The scholarship, she expressed, was a divine intervention, enabling her to resume her education without the burden of financial constraints.
Adjetey Francis Adjei, another beneficiary studying BSc Physics at KNUST, highlighted the scholarship’s transformative impact on his life.
As the son of handicapped parents, he faced uncertainty about continuing his university education until the scholarship program provided a lifeline. Now, he can focus on his studies without the worry of financial hindrances.
Beyond covering tuition fees, the scholarship scheme incorporates mentorship programs, shaping the beneficiaries into future professionals.
This comprehensive support ensures that the impact of the scholarships extends beyond financial aid, contributing to the holistic development of the recipients.
The Honorable Ishmael Ashitey Foundation continues to make strides in upholding the late MP’s legacy by empowering the youth of Tema East through education.
These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but serve as a testament to the foundation’s commitment to fostering lifelong success among the community’s talented individuals.



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