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Joe Wise Has No Shame…Reduces His 16 Years In Parliament To Rant About Toilets—Irate Constituents Lament

The outgoing Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bekwai Constituency, Joe Wise, finds himself embroiled in controversy after his failed bid to secure the NPP Parliamentary Primaries for his chosen successor, COP Alex Mensah Rtd.

His recent remarks regarding the management of community toilets have ignited strong reactions from constituents.

In widely circulated interviews with various TV networks such as GHONE and UTV, Joe Wise alleged that he faced threats from constituents who demanded action to address the overflowing state of a public toilet.

He cited this pressure as a significant factor influencing his decision not to contest in the recent NPP Parliamentary Primaries.

See Joe Wise Video Interviews on the subject matter here:


These rants have been described by his constituents as extremely unfortunate on the part of such high profile legislator.

The response from his constituents has been vehemently critical.

Many view Joe Wise’s comments as evasive and indicative of his detachment from the community’s needs and development.

They lament his tenure as an “unmitigated failure,” characterized by mismanagement and neglect of public resources.

The critics highlighted Joe Wise’s perceived indifference and self-centeredness, labeling his administration as a “monumental waste” of time and resources.

They further expressed disappointment over his lack of stewardship and assert that he has left Bekwai worse off than when he assumed office.

Moreover, constituents voice concerns about the erosion of democratic values, emphasizing the need for integrity and accountability in public service.

They condemned Joe Wise’s alleged self-enrichment at the expense of the community, calling for a renewed commitment to transparency and ethical governance.

Here are excerpts of the frustrations his constituents shared about the matter.

“So Joe Wise is telling us that the the demands from the public toilet operators was a recipe for his withdrawal from the NPP Primaries after 16 years of disastrous years.

Truth be told honestly, Joe Wise’s administration have been an unmitigated failure; a monumental waste of time, resources, and of the hopes and aspirations of a nation and his constituents.

Tell you what, true stewardship is leaving a place better than one found it. Without a doubt, he’s the worst MP Bekwai has ever produced!

No previous MP for Bekwai exhibited such high level aloofness, such indifference, such arrogance, such self-centeredness and such utter lack of competence,” some of his constituents expressed.

Others also added:

“Despite his abysmal failure, Joe Wise continues to crave praise-singing, basking in dishonest adulation.

The posture of Joe Wise poses a grave concern for the state of our democracy.

Indeed, we live in a time when the pillars of integrity and accountability are being eroded by those who were entrusted to uphold them.

It is with deep regret that we address the matter of Hon. Joe Wise whose actions have brought shame upon the very office he was elected to serve.

Instead of championing the needs of the people, he has enriched himself at their expense, lining his pockets with wealth while turning a blind eye to their suffering.

But let us be clear: our democracy is resilient, and it will not be held captive by the likes of corrupt and inept individuals.

We, the people, have the power to demand accountability and transparency from our elected officials.

We must hold them to the highest standards of integrity and remind them that they serve at the pleasure of the people, not the other way around.

It is time for us to reclaim our democracy from the clutches of corruption and incompetence. We must demand swift and decisive action against those who betray the public trust, and we must never waver in our commitment to uphold the values of justice, integrity, and accountability.”



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