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Johnnie Walker Black Label and Red Label Step Out of Boxes

Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch Whisky brand (IWSR 2020), has announced that Red Label and Black Label will no longer come in cardboard packaging as part of a wider packaging strategy with a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle. Johnnie Walker has stepped out of the box! 

This initiative forms part of the brand’s commitment to taking bold steps to building a more sustainable future.

The removal of cardboard packaging across Johnnie Walker Black Label and Red Label will not only reinforce the brand’s commitment to championing sustainability and building Ghana’s circular economy, but also contribute to eliminating over 7,000 tonnes of carbon from Diageo’s supply chain.

Stepping out of the Box, a sustainability campaign by Johnnie Walker, forms part of Guinness Ghana’s 10-year ESG action plan to become sustainable by design by 2030 known as ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’.

Through this initiative, over 100 million cardboard packaging will be phased out globally, representing 50% of total Scotch cardboard individual bottle cartons.

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Commenting on the initiative, Marketing & Innovations Director of Guinness Ghana, producers of Johnnie Walker, Estella Muzito said, “For us at Guinness Ghana and Diageo, doing business the right way underpins all our operations.

We continue to take active steps towards championing sustainability and becoming sustainable by design. The ‘Stepping Out of The Box’ Campaign is a step forward in that direction and achieving Society 2030: Spirit of Progress – our 10-year ESG action plan to help create a more inclusive and sustainable world”.

Marketing Manager for Spirits & RTDs at Guinness Ghana, Yaa Amoah-Owusu added that Johnnie Walker will continue to take bold steps towards building a sustainable future. “Johnnie Walker’s decision to step out of the box is part of our commitment to champion sustainability and meeting the changing needs of our consumers.

We understand what sustainability means to our consumers and the value of building a more sustainable society. Consumers want brands and businesses to take the right decisions towards building a more sustainable society.

We understand that as we step out of the box, it also poses some implications on the quality and the authenticity of our brand. We have put measures in place to fight counterfeiting.

Johnnie Walker will continue to take bold steps in ensuring this. Together, we must do our part to make sure this happens,” she added.

In line with this, Johnnie Walker has also announced a partnership with the Forestry Commission. The partnership will see the brand undertake a multi-year tree-planting campaign to support the government’s greener future agenda.




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