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Journalists Schooled On Ghana Labour Market Information System

A stakeholder engagement workshop with media stakeholders to seek their input in the development of the revolutionary Ghana Labour Market Information System (GLMIS) developed under component 3 of the Ghana Jobs and Skills Project, funded by the World Bank has been held.

The stakeholder engagement workshop which took place in Accra was at the behest of the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

The workshop which brought together key media personalities highlighted the transformative capabilities of the GLMIS and its pivotal role in connecting job seekers and employers as well as providing real-time information on Ghana’s labour market.

The workshop also provided an opportunity for the media personnel to offer valuable insights into the system and the type of functionalities they believe would make the system more efficient to serve Ghana better.

Capitalnewsonline has gathered that GLMIS is an advanced technological platform designed to revolutionize Ghana’s formal and informal job market by providing real-time information on Ghana labour, trends, and requirement.

This dynamic system, this reporter has established, would serve as a comprehensive repository of labour-related data and would revolutionize the way labour market information is accessed, analyzed, and disseminated.

During the workshop, the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations unveiled the key functionalities of the GLIMIS.

According to the functionalities of GLIMIS, job seekers would have the opportunity to create detailed profiles, showcasing their qualifications, skills, and employment preferences.

This would enable them to present a comprehensive picture of their capabilities to potential employers.

The GLAMIS would leverage advanced algorithms to match job seekers with suitable employment opportunities based on their skills, qualifications, and preference.

This would significantly reduce the time and effort involved in the job search process, fostering better outcomes for job seekers and employers.

Employers, on the other hand, would have access to an extensive pool of qualified candidates through the GLMIS.

The information available to Capitalnewsonline indicates that by registering and uploading job vacancies, businesses can outline the required qualifications, skills, and other relevant details, attracting the right candidates who align with their organization’s needs.

This streamlined process would enhance the efficiency of recruitment and selection, leading to improved productivity and growth in both the public and private sectors.

The GLMIS, which this reporter has gathered, would provide real-time information on the Ghana labour market, including emerging trends, in-demand skills, and training opportunities.

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Job seekers can utilize the valuable data available on the GLMIS platform to make informed decisions regarding skills development and career choices, thereby increasing their employability and competitiveness in the job market.

Sources close to those who are in charge of GLMIS say by staying abreast of evolving labour market dynamics, employers can adapt their talent strategies and invest in skill areas that are in high demand, ultimately contributing to economic growth and development.

Following similar stakeholder consultation with Persons with Disabilities earlier this year, the GLMIS had been equipped with accessibility features such as text-to-speech functionality, adjustable font sizes and contracts, and keyboard navigation to ensure individuals are able to access and utilize the system effectively.

Ignatius Baffour Awuah, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations said his outfit is committed to ensuring the timely implementation of the GLMIS, with plans for full functionality later this year.

“This groundbreaking system represents a significant step towards fostering a more efficient and inclusive job market in Ghana,” he said.

He asked the media to support the dissemination of information about the GLMIS to the wider Ghanaian populace, adding that the introduction of the GLMIS heralds a new era of connectivity and opportunity, empowering job seekers and employers alike.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa



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