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Kente And Batakari Festival 2023 Set For Brussels

The need to promote indigenous Ghanaian products within and outside the country, has become very important as a means of creating employment, boosting Ghanaian image, and contributing to economic growth.
As a catalyst to the promotion of the Ghanaian identity and international image, some organisations are putting together programmes and projects to take Brand Ghana to another level.
In that vein, the First Page Foundation, in collaboration with the Ghana Council Belgium, is organising the famous Kente and Batakari Festival 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.
The event, scheduled to take place on July 8 and 9, 2023, will be held at the Maximiliann Park, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.
To give it an indigenous touch, First Page Foundation is partnering Ghana’s King of Kologo Music, King Ayisoba, to entertain the anticipated audience and drive home the ‘Patronize Ghana’ campaign in Europe, as focus is brought on these unique handwoven fabrics from Ghana, Kente and Batakari.
King Ayisoba, besides being renowned for his peculiar music genre of typical local origin, is noted for his call for May 12 to be declared National Kente and Batakari Day, on which day Ghanaians should be encouraged to wear clothing made of only these two fabrics.
King Ayisoba at a Press Conference on January 20 at Mayford Locals, Adabraka, promised to take his campaign to the UK, other European countries, the US and Africa as a whole.
“It happened in Ghana on 28th January at big Lilly’s Kokrobite, and now it will be live in Brussels, Belgium but watch out for another one in the UK in October,” King Ayisoba assured fans in an interview.
He was hopeful events like this, could help boost Ghana’s economy and turn things around along the value change.
“Let’s work together to help ourselves. Kente and Batakari are our own; if we promote them well, we are the beneficiaries.”
“Patronise Made in Ghana, wear Kente and Batakari and make Ghana proud.”
He is calling on Ghanaians, Africans and the world at large to patronize this event and those line up.
Another prominent artiste performing at the event is High life musician K. K. Fosu. The D Style band, Akruwa Cultural Troupe and Zea will join the king of kologo spirit King Ayisoba to thrill the fans.
The Ghana Embassy in Brussels, Kukje Trading Enterprise, K. A. OKO Company Limited, Big Willy’s, KnB Product and Grupa Construction, among others, are sponsoring and supporting the event.



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