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Kinbu Senior High Technical School Outdoors 150th Anniversary Celebration

Kinbu Senior High Technical School Outdoors 150th Anniversary Celebration

The Headmistress of Kinbu Senior High Technical School, Mrs. Sylvia Mawunyo Letcher-Teye, has revealed that the school has lived up to the vision of the Founding Fathers by producing highly respected gentlemen and ladies who have taken their rightful places in the society.

Some of the products of the school, she said, had excelled in various fields of public life and had proved to be second to none in medicine, engineering, finance, law, education, business, banking, politics, and public administration. Mrs. Letcher said, “We are proud to say that even the incumbent President, His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo was a proud product of this educational institution.”

Speaking at the launch of the School’s 150-anniversary celebration in Accra, the Headmistress of Kinbu Senior High Technical School indicated that the cardinal objective of her outfit was to create a conducive and inclusive learning community where learners are empowered for the acquisition of the requisite competencies for a successful life.

The school according to her, also aims to provide a robust quality education that prepares every learner to be a creative critical thinker and problem solver who aspires for higher education, equipped for the world of work and efficient global citizen.

She said, “It is a great milestone with many great things that the school has chalked over 149 years. We are showcasing Kinbu Senior High Technical School to you and call on you all to join us to celebrate with us the journey of 150 years next year 28th September 2024.”

The school has a student population of 1896 comprising 1287 males while the females are 609. With regards to staff strength, the school has 58 males while the female counterparts are 42. has also gathered that the non-teaching staff population is 19. 12 are males and 7 are females.

Currently, the school runs six programmes namely, Business, General Arts, General Science, Home Economics, Technical, and Visual Arts.

Kinbu Senior High Technical School in Ghana is situated next to the Accra Metropolitan Education Office within Tudu.

The school has a history that dates back to 1874 in the era of British Governor, Governor Samuel Rowe.

It existed as two primary schools; James Town and Adabraka.Upon completion of primary education, the boys continued at Government Boys’ School while the girls went to Government Girls’ School near the Electricity Company of Ghana(ECG), Accra.

During the colonial regime, Government Boys’ School became Rowe-Road’s School and later became Kinbu Middle Boys School.

With the introduction of the Educational Reform Programme in 1976, The Kinbu Middle Boys School phased out for the establishment of the first Ten Experimental Junior Secondary Schools as a Pilot Programme in Ghana.

In 1987, the Junior Secondary School programme became universal hence calling for the renaming of the school to Kinbu Junior Secondary School.

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On the advent of the Senior Secondary programme in 1990, the school was upgraded to senior secondary school status and thus became Kinbu Secondary Technical School in January 1991 with four classes; one each for Visual Arts and Home Economics and two for Technical Programmes.

When the West Africa Examination Council switched its examination from the Senior Secondary Schools Certificate Examination (SSSCE) to the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in 2006, secondary schools then modified their names from Senior Secondary Schools to Senior High School hence Kinbu Secondary Technical School also became Kinbu Senior High Technical School.

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