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MTN Stand In Worship Concert Brings Joy to Kumasi

The Golden Bean Hotel in Kumasi was enveloped in an atmosphere alive with the harmonious sounds of praise and worship songs, courtesy of MTN’s Stands In Worship Concert.

This event marks a significant milestone as it is the first of its kind to be held in Kumasi, infusing the city with a newfound sense of anticipation and enthusiasm.

The ambiance within the hotel’s premises was electric, with attendees eagerly soaking in the uplifting melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

The event serves as a beacon of unity, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs to celebrate a shared love for music and spirituality.

Starting with the Kumasi Evangel Choir, patrons were treated to over half an hour renditions of local chorals including “Just by the Power of God”, “God You’re Good” by Francis Adyei, “Yedi Nkunim” and “Watua M’aka’ by Tagoe Sisters among others.

stands in worship

As the concert unfolds, it becomes evident that the community’s response is overwhelmingly positive.

Patrons were not merely passive spectators but active participants, engaging wholeheartedly with the performances and contributing to the collective energy of the occasion.

Apostle Dr. Nana Sarpong ignited the gathering with his stirring Words of Exhortation titled ‘Consider,’ urging Christians to seize the opportunity presented by such events to glorify God for His boundless mercy and selfless sacrifices.

Emphasizing the importance of commemorating the triumph of Christ with dignity and piety, he implored the youth to steer clear of violence as the December general elections approached.

stands in worship

His powerful message set the stage for the entrance of ACP Kofi Sarpong, a luminary in the Ghanaian gospel music scene, whose electrifying presence ignited the audience.

Beginning with the resounding “Amen” and Esther Piesie’s soul-stirring “Ewuradi Mo,” followed by favorites like “Agyenkwa” and beloved Presbyterian hymns, he captivated the crowd, prompting them to join him in jubilant song and dance.

With boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, ACP Kofi Sarpong’s dynamic performance infused the atmosphere with fervor, inspiring the youth to cast aside inhibition and revel in the joy of worship, even spilling onto the stage in their exuberance.

Following this remarkable display, Brother  Sammy, a beloved figure in the city, took the stage, his mellifluous voice invoking a sense of tranquility and spiritual reverence among the audience.

His soulful performance transported the crowd into a state of worshipful reflection, reaffirming the power of music to unite hearts and elevate spirits.

Commencing with his awe-inspiring rendition of local hymns, affectionately dubbed “The Nation’s Worshipper,” infused the atmosphere with a sense of reverence before transitioning seamlessly into spirited praises, reigniting the energy of the audience.

The night’s festivities were far from reaching their conclusion as Obaapa Christy, one of Ghana’s premier vocalists and live band maestros, took the stage for an enthralling performance.

Delighting the audience with a medley of timeless classics and contemporary hits such as “Ebeyeyie,” “Hyebre Sesafo,” “Aseda,” and “Wagye Me,” she enraptured the crowd with her unparalleled talent.

As the crescendo of the evening approached, she flawlessly introduced the pièce de resistance, Kweku Gyasi, whose rendition of “Mesuafre Awurade” elevated the night to new heights of euphoria.

Eager patrons wasted no time in joining the venerable performer on stage, swept up in the fervor of his electrifying performance, as they danced into the night, collectively experiencing what many hailed as the pinnacle of gospel entertainment in recent memory in Kumasi.

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As the evening progresses, the Golden Bean Hotel becomes more than just a venue—it transforms into a sacred space where individuals come together to connect with something greater than themselves.

As the final notes fade into the night, the memory of this inaugural Stand In Worship Concert lingers, leaving a lasting impact on the Kumasi community and beyond.



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