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Land Grabbing Syndicate!! NPP And NDCActivists Team Up To Demolish Osibisa Mac Tontoh’s Residence At Dzorwulu

Quote!!! From Frustrated Heroes and Legends in Ghana. ” Ghana is Not Worth Dying For”

House number 2 Osibisa Close which belongs to late Legendary Musician Micheal Tontoh of popular Osibisa Fame’s wife, Ama Serwaa Tontoh, has been completely demolished by persons believed to be land guards.

The land according to investigations was a special gift from the late Former Head of State Ignatious Kutu Acheampong to the two great instrumentalists after their special performance in the United Kingdom to uplift the image of the country Ghana to the World on their arrival in Ghana from Festac, Nigeria.


These land guards are alleged to have carried out the unlawful demolition with the backing of some Top NPP officials from the office of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana and An NDC party activist.

Last Sunday, May 26, 2024, Patrick Ndego, the NDC party activist led some 100 land guards with excavators to pull down the said building belonging to the Wife of Late Mac Tontoh which is located in Dzorwulu between CompuGhana and Ghana Gas without any court order.

This is the same Patrick Ndego, an acclaimed estate developer from Kasoa who sold half a plot of land to a soldier resulting in the brutal murder of the soldier by Benlord Ababio.

The unlawful demolition of the residence of the Music Legend Mac Tontoh’s Wife, on Sunday with about 100 land guards was allegedly carried out with the knowledge of the police who upon a police emergency call responded the call that Kweku Wiafe Addo had shown documents of purchase of the land.

Kweku Wiafe Addo’s Complementary Card
Kweku Wiafe Addo’s Complementary Card

Information received is that three separate reports have been filed with the police regarding attempts by Wiafe Addo, who claims to be the second in command for the National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah, and Joe Asiedu to demolish the property and take over the land.

The 2-acre land according to information was in the custody of Mac Tontoh’s wife until her demise.

However, Mac Tontoh’s brother, Joe Asiedu (Tontoh), sold half of that land to Ghana Gas Company to build an Astroturf pitch.

Subsequently, information is that Joe Asiedu (Tontoh) went out of his way to ‘dubiously’ willed the remaining portion of the land to Kweku Wiafe Addo and conspired to hatch a plan to convince the woman to sell the other half.

It is alleged that, in the process of convincing the woman Nana Kunadu Yiadom to sell off her Auntie Portion of the land, they (Joe Asiedu, who now claims to be Joe Tontoh, and Kweku Wiafe Addo) stole her documents from her room after trying to be nice to her upon a visit to discuss the land issues in 2020 during the General Election period.

Snippets of information gathered from the family show that attempts have been made in the past by Kweku Wiafe Addo and Joe Asiedu (Tontoh) to sell the land to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Chairman Wuntumi since 2022.

These attempts failed when Chairman Wuntumi who got wind of the illegal activities surrounding the sale of the property, withdrew his interest in the land.

The group, led by Kweku Wiafe Addo and his cohorts including a renowned staunch lawyer and former chairman of Ghana’s Land Commission continued to hatch other plans. This time he succeeded in demolition the property, razing it down completely with the land guards led by Patrick Ndego, who took part in the exercise allegedly stealing and looting properties, home appliances, musical instruments, and other musical relics from the house.


Speaking to Nana Kunadu Yiadom, a niece to late legend Musician Mac Tontoh’s Wife and the occupant of the residence that was unlawfully demolished by Patrick Ndego, Wiafe Addo and Joe Asiedu, after the exercise, she indicated that she was aware that some Jubilee house gurus have planned and made several attempts to take over the only property legitimately acquired by the late Mac Tontoh, his wife Ama Serwaa and Teddy Osei, throughout their musical carrier.

“The sad news is that one Kweku Wiafe Addo an acclaimed family friend pretended to be associating with the family on maintaining goodwill for the estate of late Mr. and Mrs. Mac Tontoh, divided the property and sold half of the land located at Dzorwulu to the Ghana Gas Company which has today been developed into an Astroturf football pitch for the Ghana Gas company staff,” she revealed.

Nana Kunadu Yiadom averred that Kweku Wiafe Addo fraudulently falsified documents from the property of late Mr. and Mrs Mac Tontoh but all efforts to pull strings for the Ghana Police to assist in carrying out the said unlawful takeover and demolition of the property of late Mac Tontoh’s wife has been a challenge, until today due to lackadaisical attitude by the Police to effect the arrest of the three suspects.

Kweku Wiafe Addo in December 2023, unlawfully entered the house and removed all windows, roofing, and doors of the property of late music legend Mac Tontoh without any court orders.

He was arrested by the Kotobaabi Divisional Police Command but was granted bail based on a single call from a high-profile source.

This time, Kweku Wiafe Addo has teamed up with Patrick Ndego to demolish the property claiming the land has been sold to Patrick Ndego.

Patrick Ndego upon his arrival at the House of Mac Tontoh’s wife with the heavy-duty earth-moving excavator on a lowbed truck told the niece Nana Kunadu Yiadom in her attempt to raise the alarm by calling the police on her phone and ordered his land Guards numbering about 100 to seize her mobile phones which they did by taking her phone forcefully from her hand.

Patrick Ndego said, “NO Police, not even the IGP nor his commanders can stop me nor arrest me against this demolition because I have bought the land, and I will demolish it now”. Patrick Ndego stated.

The mind burgling question is, it seems the statement of Patrick Ndego and Kweku Wiafe Addo is being affirmed by the inability of the police Command and the IGP to effect the arrest of the three suspects after all the three unlawful actions on the breach of peace, causing damage and destruction to property of Mrs. Ama Serwaa Tontoh is a reality.


Notwithstanding the demolition, it is emerging that one top government renowned lawyer and former chairman of Lands Commission are secretly trying to negotiate through a Senior Police Officer in charge of the criminal investigation department of the Property fraud unit on behalf of the occupant of the building Nana Kunadu Yiadom to tune of an amount of 50,000 dollars to compensate her, to pay her off and take over the land of the late Osibisa Mac Tontoh’s Wife property which she won through court judgment before her demise.

The office of the Property fraud unit where the case is currently being held has failed to arrest the three persons believed to have conspired to secure forged but fraudulent documents and continues to give excuses that the suspects are out of Accra after pulling down the house. And an indication that they are on the run and being shielded by the said high-profile government lawyer.

Further investigations also revealed that the said renowned lawyer is stopping the Police, whose name was withheld from effecting the arrest of Kweku Wiafe Addo an acclaimed Special Assistant to the Second in Command of the National Security Office of the President Jubilee House, Accra.

For now, other intelligence information gathered revealed that all the documents of the Property on the file belonging to the wife of late Mac Tontoh, which was given to the police to aid their investigation with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Property Fraud unit by Chief Inspector Fabiola allegedly cannot be traced.

Traces of information at the property fraud Unit also revealed that CID Fabiola who is currently at the Ghana Police Academy and Training School is connected to the said Kweku Wiafe Addo, hence the alleged missing documents of the property which was entrusted in the hands of the police.

The case currently stands that the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare is well informed about all these happenings but has failed to order his men to effect the arrest of the three suspects to be put before court for the unlawful demolition of the property of late Michael Tontoh Wife.

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The Niece of the late Mac Tontoh’s Wife, Nana Kunadu Yiadom averred that she reported to the Property fraud unit office from Monday 27th May 2024 till Thursday 30th May 2024 but the suspects being invited by the police on phone calls failed to appear.

Rather she is being convinced by the Police to accept an amount of 50,000 dollars to pay her off from the property, which she said sounds quite insulting to her integrity.

Stay Tuned for More as it unfolds. As a spokesperson for Nana Kunadu Yiadom, Dr. H.A.A. brings you more revelations about Mr. and Mrs Mac Tontoh’s House.










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