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Land Guard Activities Threatening Development In Dodowa-Wedokum – Chiefs Cry For Help

Traditional leaders in Wedokum a developing community within the Dodowa enclave in the Shai Osu-Doku District Assembly of the Greater Accra region, have petitioned the regional security council as a matter of urgency, bring to an end the sudden emergence of landguard activities being fueled by boundary disputes in the area.
A recent boundary dispute between the Wedokum community and that of Odumse a settling community in the Shai District has turned the Wedokum community into a haven for land guards have begun terrorizing developers and residents there. According to reports, the land guards who are being spearheaded by one ‘Emperor’ have made life unbearable for residents of Wedokum whose livelihoods are being stalled by the continuous firing of guns by these land guards who have been laying ambush in lands belonging to natives of Wedokum.
Speaking in an interview with the press, the principal elder of the Takpom royal gates, one of the 4 royal gates that makes up the Wedokum dynasty, Abusuapanyin Samuel Kwame Tetteh, laid accusing fingers at members of the Odumse community who trace their ancestral roots to Ningo.
He could not phantom why Members of the Odumse community who were received in Dodowa as settlers would turn around and claim lands belonging to indigenes of Dodowa who have been living on these lands since time immemorial.
He called on the security authorities to deal ruthlessly with anyone fermenting troubles in Wedokum, especially the said ringleader nicknamed Emperor who he claims has become a threat to lives and properties in the community.
He bemoaned how these land guard activities in Wedokum have stalled developmental projects to the detriment of indigenes there, calling on the regional security council to be proactive in helping bring peace to the area.
Some elders of Takpom We, Jewetey, and Okrodu Clans which makes up the 4 gates, also stressed the need for the police in Dodowa to up their game in clamping down on these landguard activities so as to return the area to normalcy.
Meanwhile checks with the Dodowa fistfight police command revealed a series of police reports filed against these hoodlums by the elders of Wedokum regarding their nefarious activities. Checks revealed that several attempts by the Dodowa police command to apprehend the culprits have proven futile due to suspected tipoff given to these land guards by unknown persons.



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