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Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei Observes Easter In Bekwai Amidst Church Service, Football Galas, Donations

During the Easter season, Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei, the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Bekwai Constituency, took strides to enhance youth empowerment and community unity by supporting local football galas.

Across various communities, Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei contributed jerseys, footballs, and cash donations to bolster these events, demonstrating his commitment to fostering positive engagement among the youth.

Attending these gatherings, he did not only present donations but also engaged with the youth, imparting valuable advice on the importance of utilizing sports as a platform to nurture talents while steering clear of negative influences.

Throughout his visits, Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei was accompanied by Constituency Executives, Party supporters, and well-wishers, further underscoring the collaborative spirit behind these initiatives.

He was personally present at most of these communities during the donations.

Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei used the opportunity to interact and advise the youth to continue to use sports to harness their talents and  eschew all forms of social vices.

He encouraged them to take their studies and vocations serious.

Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of prioritizing education and vocational pursuits, encouraging the youth to take their studies and careers seriously.

In addition to his support for the community events, Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei took the opportunity to rally for support and prayers from constituents ahead of the December 7th elections.

Communities such as Sarfokrom, Bogyawe, Dominase, Hungary, Kensere, Senfi, Ahwiren, Pepedan, Zongo, and Kokofu were among those that benefited from his generous contributions.



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