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Maestro Kojo Antwi meets Stevie Wonder

Africa and Ghana’s music legend and the Maestro, Kojo Antwi has met world music icon, Stevie Wonder La Beach Hotel in Accra.
The then US musical icon was granted citizenship of Ghana by President Akufo-Addo on Stevie Wonder’s 74th birthday.
The president handed the Grammy winner a certificate at a ceremony in the presidential palace where he was also presented with a birthday cake with a Ghanaian flag iced on top.
Kojo Antwi’s meeting with Stevie Wonder was to consolidate the bond he had with Wonder after persistently mentioning him in numerous interviews as one of the best musicians and song writers on the planet.
The Maestro in a post on his social media said “yesterday was a BIG day for Stevie Wonder”.
“The great musician who has written some of the greatest lyrics and songs for the world. Words can’t describe how talented and blessed God made you”, the Music Man said.
He said “I have mentioned you in most of my interviews. You are the greatest”.
Kojo Antwi could not hide how proud and happy he was for Stevie Wonder now a Ghanaian.
“I can proudly say you’re a true African now, a Ghanaian. My senior brother. God bless you”, the Music Man added.
The Maestro said in an interview with Onua TV and that “this is the second time I am meeting Steve. I met him first in Golden Tulip but this time around it was very very important because it was a big day for him and being a big day for him means whatever happens to him is a symbol to all the African-Americans in the US”.
He coming to Ghana will create a lot of chances for all of us in a way. He being made a Ghanaian and be presented with certificate will create a lot of chances for African musicians in total”, he added.
The Maestro added that “he being in Ghana, listening to our music and mingling with us will also help the Africa music industry, not just the Ghanaian industry”.
The Music man recalled a collaboration Stevie Wonder “made with a guy called Djavan Caetano Viana who is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist”.
“He has also written songs for the Third World, Try Jah Love and he is done a lot of production around and I see that light shining on Africa”, Kojo Antwi added.
“This is a symbol not just for Ghana, it is for Africa”.
The superstar was born and bred in the US state of Michigan but has long had an affinity for Ghana.
In 1975, with a string of hit albums behind him, Wonder openly expressed a desire to quit music and move to Ghana.
He believed his ancestral lineage could be traced to Ghana.
On a later trip to Ghana, Wonder wrote the entirety of his album Conversation Peace and in an interview just three years ago the star said he was moving to Ghana in order to escape racial injustice in the US.
Wonder’s love affair with the country was ignited by the people he met whilst there.
By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|||Ghana



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