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Mamaitaly Ventures Adjudged Outstanding Manufacturing Company of the year

Leading beauty, cosmetics, detergents, and lifestyle brand in Ghana, Mamaitaly Ventures has been honoured with the award of Outstanding Manufacturing Company of the Year by the National Industrious Awards over the weekend.

The event, which was held in a gland style at the National Theatre over the weekend was aimed at celebrating and honouring individuals, brands, and youth who are making significant contributions in their own small way.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of the Award scheme Mr. Emmanuel Adomako, the awards scheme was organized by Nuel Initiatives with the aim to educate, empower, encourage, and reward all manufacturing companies and stakeholders who have been working hard across the country and beyond.

Mamaitaly was honoured for her good work and the quality made in Ghana products that she has been producing with the natural resources that we have here in our country.

Receiving the award, Mamaitaly Ventures‘s Founder Madam Shirley Irene Thompson says she was “humbled and honored” after her firm was named winner of the Outstanding Manufacturing Company of the Year of the National Industrious Awards since there were a number of stellar companies that were considered.

Chief Executive Officer of Mamaitaly Ventures Madam Shirley Irene Thompson (aka Mamaitaly) said since she started the organization in 2016 it has reached billions of people through various initiatives including free empowerment skills training on soaps, detergents, washing powder, bridal fan and bouquets, brown sugar, earrings, body creams, and hair care products.

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And many other events to build young people’s excitement and engagement around entrepreneurship.

“Mamaitaly Ventures produced over four hundred (400) products from cosmetics, household detergents, beads making, yogurt, drinks, ice creams, bouquet, bridal fan, bar soap, shower gel, baby products, hair care products and many more.”

Mamaitaly founded Mamaitaly Ventures in Ghana in 2016 with 50 Cedis (With only liquid soap) in her single-room apartment porch in her early twenty’s when she was a reporter at Today Newspaper an entity of Group Nduom in Ghana, which she has to carry on her head to go round and sell it chalked the victory up to years of hard work and the uniqueness of her product.

‘The household name Mamaitaly Ventures is multiple award-winning social enterprise, an organic and natural cosmetics products manufacturing, packaging, service, and trading company.

MAMAITALY VENTURES identified a high rate of unemployment as a developmental challenge, a poor market for rural women to sell their premium quality natural and organic cosmetic ingredients, and unhealthy beauty care products in the African cosmetics markets.

Mamaitaly Ventures sources over 90% of raw materials locally from determined rural women in Ghana who are breadwinners and deliberately adopted a policy of offering sustainable job training and employing less privileged youth.

With almost 8 years of reinvestments, Mamaitaly Ventures is performing significantly in the local and international natural cosmetics markets.

Mamaitaly Ventures continues to create sustainable income-generating activities for many in the production, administration, marketing, sales, sourcing, retail, and wholesale sectors.

Mamaitaly said: “My advice to startups is that if you are selling a product, before you seek to export, ensure that it is good enough to dominate the global competitors in your local market, at the same price.

“Avoid at all costs to differentiate yourself by having a lower price. Do not try to be all things to all people. Pick an underserved segment and aim to dominate. It is better to sell few things to many people than many things to a few people.”

“Also never give up even though the journey won’t be smooth because there will be a lot of challenges that will come across your path.”




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