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Beef Escalates: Mr. Logic Exposes Shatta Wale’s Secrets

The ongoing feud between Ghanaian Dancehall star Shatta Wale and other prominent entertainment figures has intensified, with Mr. Logic now joining the fray.

It all ignited when Shatta Wale openly pointed fingers at several high-profile celebrities, citing Bullgod, Mr. Logic, Andy Dosty, Abeiku Santana, and others as obstacles hindering the entertainment sector. He adamantly suggested banning these personalities to catalyze growth in the industry.

In response, artist manager and seasoned pundit, Mr. Logic, fired back, labeling Shatta Wale as an industry neophyte.

“Shatta Wale once expressed his desire to emulate Sarkodie. He came to me seeking guidance to become like Sarkodie. Constantly flaunting borrowed dollars is ungrateful behavior after all the support I’ve given to his career,” he disclosed.”

Mr. Logic also alleged that Shatta Wale had engaged in anal intercourse with Moesha. According to Mr. Logic’s explosive claims, Shatta Wale was involved in the act with Moesha while another woman simultaneously performed oral sex on him. Mr. Logic asserted that Shatta Wale had covertly disclosed this information to him.

This comes after previous rumors in 2019 suggested a secret relationship between Shatta Wale and Moesha.

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The speculation arose when Shatta Wale fervently defended Moesha Boduong on social media, coming to her aid after a Snapchat user exposed personal details about her.

Shatta Wale vehemently defended Moesha against the accusations, seemingly supporting her through every allegation that emerged at the time.




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